It’s that time of that year again when we commemorate our dearly departed. And as OPM recently lost another one of its legends, we can’t help by remember 5 OPM artists we dearly miss.

Just before October 2018 ended, another OPM icon bid farewell to us. It was a sad day especially when the news broke out, but the way people reminisce him and his art was heart warming. And so along with this legend, we remember 5 OPM artists we dearly miss, in celebration of All Souls’ Day.

5. Rico J. Puno

As mentioned, this OPM icon, Rico J. Puno’s, passing was very, very recent. At 65, we had to bid farewell to this ‘Total Entertainer’ because of complications with his heart.

And if you want to go into detail about what he contributed in the music and entertainment industry and how people remembered him, you can also click here for an article written in memoriam.

4. Rene Garcia (Hotdog)

Rene Garcia is another legend—the last member of the popular ’70s band Hotdog, in fact.

You might be familiar with their songs ‘Manila’, ‘Annie Batungbakal’, ‘Miss Universe ng Buhay Ko’, and even ‘Beh Buti Nga’ which was covered by Parokya ni Edgar.

Rene Garcia was the lead guitarist of the band, and as mentioned, the last member of the band that ruled OPM in the 70s. Much like Rico J. uno, he died only this year—September 2, 2018—due to cardiac arrest.

Want to relisten this band’s songs for yourself? We have a Spotify playlist of their top hits for you right here.

3. Teddy Diaz (The Dawn)

Not a lot of us were able to catch this legend, but we know he deserves a spot on our list nonetheless.

Teddy Garcia was the lead guitarist and founder of a band that you might still be familiar with—The Dawn.

Unfortunately, this musical genius (did you see his guitar solo above??) was gone too soon. At the height of his and his band’s popularity, reports say that he was stabbed to death by two bystanders who were described to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This happened in August 21, 1988, and the OPM world has missed him since then.

The song below has always been dedicated by The Dawn’s remaining members to the late guitarist.

2. Blakdyak

A very popular icon, also because of how he delved into showbiz, this man was also called ‘The King of Pinoy Reggae’.

This reggae artist and comedian’s real name is Joseph Formoran, and was only 46 when he passed away in 2016. Reports on his death say that he was found dead in his home in Cubao, Quezon City with a plastic bag around his head. Investigation ruled out foul play, and sees the incident as suicide.

And that’s what really bothers us. Did Blakdyak suffer from depression? If so, it seemed that it was eft untreated, leaving yet another scar in the Philippine music industry.

One of Blakdyak’s popular songs include ‘Good Boy’, which has now turned into kind of a bittersweet track because of his passing. And although he passed away in 2016, you can still listen to his songs on Spotify with us here.

1. Francis Magalona

‘Master Rapper’ Francis Magalona has been battling cancer for quite some time before he finally bid us farewell in 2009.

Francis M pioneered merging Pinoy Rap with Pinoy Rock. This is what made him a huge influence to both the hiphop and rock scenes in the Philippines. Perhaps, this is even what made him so influential worldwide.

In fact, when Bone Thugs N Harmony went here in 2014, they even sang their hit ‘Crossroads’ for him as a tribute.

One of his most famous and iconic songs include Kaleidoscope World. And before we end this list, we’d love for you to watch the video with us right here.

How did you feel reading about and listening to the best hits of these iconic Filipino artists? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you think we should add more to this ‘OPM artists we dearly miss’ list, let us know too. You can send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to write more about what you think too!