Sad news broke out this morning about Rico J. Puno’s passing. And as the clouds cried, a lot of people expressed their condolences for this man—this legend dubbed as a “Total Entertainer”.

Rico J. Puno passed away this morning at the age of 65. And though some may say that he lived a full life, others think that he may still have contributed to the industry.

And in the 65 years he spent this world, there are a lot of great thins to remember from this man. So we’ve rounded up some of things we are fond of about him, along with what celebrities have to say about this man’s work and art.

1. Music

Rico J’s voice is very distinct that he’s usually grouped with men of the same calibre as he is—Hajji Alejandro, Nonoy Zuñiga, and Basil Valdez. And with the playlist we have above of this artist’s—no, legend’s top hits, we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say he truly is an icon for OPM.

2. Marupok?

Before Millennials used this term, Rico J. Puno has been singing about this song. And, well, some people say that this man was actually marupok when he was alive. But like the song says, ang tao’y marupok. And though he was a legendary icon, he was only human as well.

Nalimot mong ang lahat ay mayro’ng hangganan

Ngunit ngayon naramdaman ang kalungkutan

Ay noon mo naalala ang Maykapal

3. Macho, Guwapito!

And can we really blame this guy for being marupok? He’s the macho, gwapito guy! This man’s the man. *wink*

4. Masaya

This is what people mean when they call Rico J. Puno a total entertain. This guy didn’t only give you goosebumps for hearing his legendary voice, he also made you laugh with the craziest jokes! What a show, what a guy!

First confirmed in this post, his daughter-in-law first broke the news to the world wide web.

And since then, an outpour of messages came as hard as the the rain.

Gary V

Lea Salonga

Regine Velasquez

Gloc 9

Needless to say, this legend really did touch a lot of lives through his voice, through his music, through the laughters he gave everyone with the jokes he was so fond of throwing around. And we will surely miss him.

And what we want to know now is how this man touched your life. Did you grow up listening to his music through your parents and grandparents? Did his jokes make you laugh when you were feeling down? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Or you can also send us a message on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. Whether you want to grieve or simply commemorate his memory, our inboxes are open.