TIME CAPSULE: 15 Songs To Listen to These All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days

Welcome the long weekend with 15 Songs To Listen to these All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days.

What are this 15 Songs To Listen to These All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days about, anyway?

Since we all know how much you all love listening to good music, we’ve set you guys up your very own ‘All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days Playlist’,  mixed with OPM and Foreign jams that are as easy on the ears, as they are easy on the speakers. So no matter what your plans are, these artists will be with you all the way.

1. As we ease into our mini-vacay, let’s start with ‘Maybe The Night’ by Ben&Ben.  

‘Maybe The Night’ as you all know was famous for being part of the ‘Exes Baggage’ OST. This is the kind of music that you all lounge around and relax to. Plus! It’s got the road trip vibes, too!

2. Stare into star-filled skies with ‘Bulong’ by December Avenue.

We could all agree that there is peace just being under the stars. Ask your Astrophile (this means people who love the stars) friends.

3. Fall in love with ‘You’re Mine’ by Lola Marsh.

We know that All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day doesn’t fall on a Sunday (referring to the first line of the song- ” Sunday morning I wake up, you’re beside me breathing so loud”), but we recommend you guys to listen to it, especially when you’re with your ‘special one‘. You’ll be thanking us for the added kilig feels.

4.  ‘Di Na Muli’ by Janine Teñoso may be a bit sad, but since it has these mellow and senti feels it just fits the ‘vacay’ vibe.

This kind of makes us want to pickup the guitar and jam by out in the garden on a perfect afternoon.

5. ‘Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok ko by Moira Dela Torre is that one song that everyone in the family can sing along to.

This one’s a classic, so if you play this out loud in a family gathering, you guys could turn into the Von trapp family singing in unison.

6. ‘Midnight Sky’ by Unique Salonga is your late night ‘tambay‘ jam.

You know those nights when you hangout with friends or cousins, maybe bringing out some snacks and board games. Unlike your usual jams, this song wouldn’t get you in trouble with your parents if you guys play it on the background.

7. Sway through the rhythm of ‘Strawberry Wine’ by No Suits (ft. Matt Capone & Aubren Elaine).

Crack open a bottle of wine and dance around the living room with the best people.

8. Never mind the stress from school or work, listen to Sud’s ‘Di Makatulog’.

Make this your lullaby for the next few nights, especially if you’re having a little bit of insomnia.

9. Feel the slow and senti moments with ‘Akala’ by Marion.

There’s this inexplicable moment when we just feel like listening to sad music even if we’re not actually sad. We just feel like it.

10.  ‘Gots to’ have Silent Sanctuary in the list!

Silent Santuary’s songs are always perfect wto listen to when you’re trying to taking it easy. Do you guys agree?

11. Whether or not you’re off to the beach, ‘Never Wanna Leave’ by Hate Drugs, transforms you in vacation mode.

For some reason, this is the kind of music that sends you into trance, relaxing your muscles and taking away the negative thoughts in your head. We all need to hear this, at least during this long weekend.

12. Rest your head and your heart, and listen to ‘Di Mo lang Alam’ by Attitude.7.

There always seem to be room for ‘hugot’ songs, so here’s one that you could play while you stare outside the window, or as you lay down alone on your bed.

13.  Let’s throw in ‘A Million Dreams’ from the recent movie ‘The Greatest Showman’.

We’re just so hooked with the songs from Hugh Jackman’s ‘The Greatest Showman’ that we sing along to them every chance we get. Here’s another song we could sing along with the family.

14. Don’t be alarmed by the title, but ‘Demonyo’ by Juan Karlos is actually a love song.

Let’s indulge ourselves with a good old love song, maybe this will bring life to our cold dead hearts. *huhu*

15. Ending the playlist with something familiar and uplifting, ‘Walking The Wire’ by Imagine Dragons.

We know this playlist is meant for our long weekend activities but we’ve added this one so we wouldn’t be too grumpy when we go ‘back to reality‘.

We hope you’ll enjoy our suggested long weekend playlist. Just the playlist below on your Spotify and you’re good to go!

We’ve always got you covered, so relax your mind and let it drift into ‘vacation land’.

Do you guys like the lineup for the 15 Songs To Listen to These All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days? Let us know what you think and hit us up on our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @UDoUph. We’d love to hear from you guys!

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