As a new convert myself, a word of advice— don’t fight it.

SuperM came out with a new MV a few hours ago entitled ‘Tiger Inside’. This comes just a week after their previous MV for ‘100’ was released.


It’s honesty hour at uDOu, the topic is “SuperM” and I gotta say I was pretty excited for this concept group/project when teasers and pre-releases came out. I mean, I’m a Shawol, EXO-L, and a part N-Citizen (I can’t remember all of the members, I tried) so what’s not to like? Apparently, the songs. The songs are not to like.

Their debut song, “Jopping” was quite frankly a stupid idea right from its very name. With regards to 100, I honestly believe that the only good that came out of that song was that it did so bad, the producers just had to come up with ‘Tiger Inside’ quickly.

Everything they’ve put out thus far has always been a let-down–until now.

Tiger Inside

The concept behind SuperM’s Tiger Inside is simply, letting out the beast from within to courageously “overcome the hardships we face,” the group explained in a live countdown prior to release. They cited the choreography, the bass synth, and the actual lyrics, as the individual portrayal or embodiment of a Tiger’s kindred spirit.


In ‘Tiger Inside’ the oriental aspect was identified as the single’s very backbone as it was within their intention to paint the “Asian style” of going after goals, as the ideal #hustle culture.

I would have to say that the main difference between their previous singles, Jopping and 100, is the fact that the lyrics actually make sense in “Tiger Inside” and almost has a sort of clear narrative to it.

Not to mention the distinction between the flow of the songs as, unlike Jopping and 100, which seemed like they were trying too hard to carve their niche sound, Tiger Inside felt like it sort of just happened naturally for the group.

One huge point for this song is how it really brought out the best in each member, evident in the way each part felt like it was a shining moment for the member but did not overpower the next. It is with this realization that I strongly believe SuperM has found its sound.

Admittedly, SuperM is a new concept group and it probably is a hard feat to attempt to bring out the best in every member who already had established fan-bases in their group of origin and then fuse them seamlessly together. I’m actually surprised that they found their footing only by the third single. 

So yes, I am now a SuperM stan, as I’m sure you are too by the time you watch the Tiger Inside MV and I think we should definitely come up with a serious, non-sexual fandom name for a very hot but very non-sexual group. Any takers?

What should SuperM’s fandom name be? 

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