It’s only Thursday but you’re so done.

Image Credit: Jenny Theodore

You’ve had enough with the terrible commuting to-and-from wherever it is you’re supposed to be. You’ve had enough with the responsibilities, with the piles of paper on your desk demanding your attention. You’re one snap away from being crushed by the pressure to become a CEO before the age of 28.

Tragically, weekdays aren’t over, yet. You still have a looooong way to go before the most wonderful time of the year called Saturday (some say it’s Christmas but March has just begun so can you imagine having to wait that long?). Everything inside you is already itching to put up a sign that says This person is closed for the weekend.

Music is the remedy!

You need a cure. Or else you’re gonna explode. So what better way can you prevent yourself from going through system overload? You know it: fresh, vibrant OPM tracks! has picked these four, local Indie songs to help you survive the weekday drama. Check them out!

BP Valenzuela- Minimize

Breathe in
Don’t wait
If you feel it then just say it to my face
We spend
Whole days
Breathing heavy as we minimize the space

Are you on your way home? Is manong jeepney driver blasting songs that are not exactly your jam? Get those earphones on and plunge yourself in this super chill song by BP Valenzuela.

The Ransom Collective- Settled

We played our parts
We colored within the shapes and lines
A brand new start
Leaving our fear and doubt behind

When all else fails, sometimes you find yourself wanting to just get a good escape from the hot, busy urban life that reeks of smoke and dried piss. And so we travel inside our minds, imagining ourselves in places outside of the city. While you feed your wanderlust desires in your imagination, Ransom Collective’s music is the perfect companion.

Oh, Flamingo- June

Did i ever expect to get out of my recent wreck?
Will we ever expect to get out of our recent wreck?

When you just wanna get out of the moment for a while, immerse yourself in this Eraserheads-like track from Oh, Flamingo. It’s got that classic sound you can only hear in OPM bands so it also brings some nostalgia in it. It also evokes that summer feel pleasant for the ears and soul.

Any Name’s Okay – Hawaiian

I’m invincible

There’s something about this air that changes everything

Leave it all in smoke

Out in the open road, we all are queens and kings

We agree: we are invincible out in the open road. When we’re out there, far from the daily grind, that’s when we’re at our best. That’s when we slay as kings and queens. This track by Any Name’s Okay brings you to a pleasant adventure that can soothe your soul.

What do you think about these OPM indie songs?

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