#ThrowbackThursday: Relive the UP Fair Monday Stage with O/C Records

After months of quarantine, we cannot deny how much we miss listening to live music and jumping along with the crowd in moshpits. That being said, let’s take a look back at this set of #throwback concert photos of UP FAIR: HIWAGA with O/C Records artists and other OPM music artists! 

Before the pandemic ruined our schedules and made the world mad, we could say that we are truly grateful to have witnessed the success of O/C Records gracing the first day of UP Fair for this year. What’s more, don’t forget how they offered a diverse lineup that made the night more even fun. 

Composed of CallalilyUnique Salonga, Martin RiggsCaleinZsarisParalumanBird.,The Busking Community PHGian MagdangalEarl GeneraoRice LucidoFrizzle Anne, and Bita and the Botflies, these artists totally rocked the night along with UDDEbe DancelSlapshockSB19Glaiza de CastroThis BandKjwanClara BeninReese Lansangan, and Philia. 

Additionally, they also gave us great visuals as they celebrated good music with everyone who attended the show. For more nostalgic effect, try to watch the video below brought to you by O/C Records!


Oh! Don’t forget also to take a glimpse of our photo gallery below!

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And in case you haven’t seen our exclusive interview with Kean Cipriano, UDD and Ebe Dancel during UP Fair, you can watch and reminisce the fun below!

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