THROWBACK: The ultimate OPM songs Filipino’s love to sing in the karaoke

There’s nothing like the confidence of a Filipino singing in the karaoke. It doesn’t really matter if you’re a pro or just simply having fun because everyone is welcome! 

Indeed, karaoke has been a big part of Filipino lives. Be it celebrating fiestas, birthday parties, and any other celebration, there is always one thing people look for, the karaoke machine. Whether you’re young or old, sober or drunk, doesn’t matter. What matters at this point is that you have control of the songbook and the mic, and whatever sound comes out should be kindly dealt with. Because, what can they do? NOTHING.

Oh! Do you know the perfect combination for the karaoke? OPM! With these wonderful music made by talented artists from our country, the experience is really one of a kind!

I’m sure all our biritero and biretera friends agree with me when I say, If you do not have the voice of a singer, sing louder! If you lack the talent, at least you have the confidence!

With this, here’s a list of ultimate OPM songs we love to sing in the karaoke!

214 – Rivermaya


Stupid Love – Salbakuta


 Dadalhin- Regine Velasquez


Halaga – Parokya Ni Edgar

Ang Huling El Bimbo – Eraserheads


 Narda – Kamikazee


Torete – Moonstar88

Closer You and I – Gino Padilla

Kahit Kailan – South Border


Let Me Be The One – Jimmy Bondoc


Noypi – Bamboo

Halik – Aegis

Basang Basa sa Ulan – Aegis

What song do you belt-out in the karaoke?

Let us know by commenting below! Also, hit us up on Facebook and Twitter, @udouph!

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