keshi is slowly coming to terms with the price of fame with his latest track, ‘more’!

Lying in between underappreciated and being the next big thing, is keshi. But with each release his stardom continue to rise, further proof of a breakout waiting to happen, the only question is when. And his latest single, ‘more’, proves that he is well underway!

keshi 'more'

The mystifying singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has over 500 million global artist streams and a dedicated and continuously growing fanbase with over 388K followers on Instagram.  ‘more’ is a follow up release to his last ep bandaids. The Houston-based artist mixes in his pop-R&B expertise, his lo-fi origins, and his talent in putting into words emotions that we felt at some point in our lives.

Known for his melancholic lyrics that tugs at our heartstrings, the three-minute track is no exception. The juxtaposition in his lyrics between having all the fame and realizing the person you love is slipping away right before your very eyes. “more” is keshi coming to terms, or at least trying to, with the consequences of being famous, not unlike most musicians. He does this in typical keshi fashion, evidenced by the lyrics below.

Hasta la vista
Dying to see ya in a dream that I had
Where I sing in arenas
Hasta la vista
Dying to see ya
Baby, it ain’t so bad
When there’s nothing between us

His sorrowful tracks make you feel that it’s okay to be vulnerable and emotional once in a while. I think it’s comforting, knowing that you’re not the only one feeling this way.

‘more’ is now out on all digital streaming platforms or you can listen to it below, on Spotify!

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