Save your tears for another day, because a remix of the After Hours track is dropping real soon!

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande first served us a taste of what they can do together in ‘Love Me Harder,’ which remains one of the best songs made by either of them. Almost seven years later, the two powerhouses are cooking up a surefire bop once again.

The Weeknd has recently announced that a new version of ‘Save Your Tears’ featuring the ‘God is a Woman’ hitmaker is about to drop this Friday. Check out his announcement below!

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Prior to the official announcement, both artists have also tweeted a teaser of the collaboration– an audio snippet of the two harmonizing the line “I don’t know why I run away” from ‘Save Your Tears’.

‘Save Your Tears’ featuring Ariana Grande is the latest of the remixes of The Weeknd’s After Hours hits. It follows ‘Blinding Lights’ with Rosalia and ‘In Your Eyes’ with Doja Cat among others.

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