If you are looking for a new OPM indie artists to follow, well, you better dive into the R&B music of Dom Guyot!

We cannot admit that Filipinos do really need to be exposed a lot more to other varieties of OPM. In line with that, u DO u found another gem and we greatly recommend to immerse yourselves in his soulful tracks! 

In case you haven’t heard about Dom Guyot yet, he is a Filipino R&B singer-songwriter hailing from Cebu. Known for his distinct and sensual tone, he is slowly slating digital platforms with his romantic lyricism and haunting melodies.

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Dom Guyot Music 05.04.19

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To tell you, just recently Dom Guyot just surprised his fans on his birthday with his third single for this year called “I Miss U“. Well, if you haven’t given it a listen yet, check his single below now!


His latest track

Just like how we yearn for someone who isn’t part of the picture now, ‘I Miss U’ is imbued from a breakup song that flaunts how longing is too much to bear when you’re all alone. More so, it also follows a story of an unrequited relationship like how it’s too hard to swallow your pride and spilling the truth. 

“I mean, we all have been in quarantine for 7 months now, and I miss a lot of people, and I know my listeners do too, so I decided to release the track as a gift to my fans, for my birthday. They’ve been really supportive of me, specially since I am working on my first full length album, so I wanted to give them a new song to listen to.”- Dom Guyot


It’s kinda head-boppy track but its melancholic lyricism is kinda relatable and nurtures the pain too much. Compared to his last track, “Here For U,” this one has an easygoing vibe and heavily influenced by the Doo-Wop/
RNB style famous during the 1940s-1950s.

The track also features captivating background vocals and harmonies, creating that real 50’s throwback feels, making the whole track more endearing. What’s more, Dom Guyot also offered an official Visual of ‘I Miss U’ through Zepeto characters!

To tell you honestly, it fits perfectly to the vibe of his track! Wanna check it? See it for yourself below!


“Since Cebu is in quarantine, I had to be as creative as I can. I couldn’t do a photoshoot for the art, so I worked with a Manila-based artist/illustrator, Trick Reyes, to create my cover art and artist photo. For my video, I decided to make an animated visual all by myself. I used the app, Zepeto, to create different characters of people I miss the most, like my friends. With the help of Michelle Mamites who created scribble animations, my vid turned out really beautiful. You can actually see little Easter eggs as you watch the video on my Youtube channel or Facebook page.” he added.

I am betting that after you listen to one of his tracks, you’ll eventually dive into another because his music is truly an engaging one! On top of that, if you want my recommendation you can listen to his track ‘Ambitions’ and ‘Beautiful Mess’ because those are my favorites from him. 

If you want to listen more, you can stream his tracks on different digital platforms including on Spotify! Don’t forget also to stay tuned for more updates, who knows what Dom Guyot has in store for us?


So what did you think of the up-and-coming R&B singer-songwriter, Dom Guyot?

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