Did you already send the new single of gelo; entitled ‘Ikaw sa Salamin’ to your crush? Well, check out as Sammy, the Secretary for The Busking Community PH, expresses her attraction to Ygo of Ysanygo on Twitter!

I have been seeing confession stories on Twitter ever since the release of ‘Ikaw sa Salamin’ by gelo;. May it be someone sharing that they asked their crush to listen to the single or sharing their heartbreak due to unreciprocated attraction. Believe it or not, I myself sent this over to my crush, mainly because of how innocently beautiful it is! The song talks about seeing the beauty of someone, how you’re so memorized by having them in front of you—and that it is alright even if they are not yours.

Confess to your crush through ‘Ikaw sa Salamin’ by gelo;

Color me surprised when just a few hours away from Noche Buena, I stumbled upon Gelo, the artist himself, retweeting a girl’s tweet for Ygo of Ysanygo! Check it out because I can’t help but retweet it myself!

Then a few moments later, I found out that Guianne Samuelle Mallare or mostly known as Sammy, is actually the Secretary of the ever-growing The Busking Community PH! She is the right hand of Martin Riggs and contributed a lot to the growth and coordination of The Busking Community PH. She is also one of those who pushed so much in helping the Fête De La Musique and the campus concert of the label O/C Records in the University of the East Caloocan.

Gelo; or Gelo, on the other hand, has been making quite a name for himself in the busking community. Being also known as one of Martin Riggs’ original first acts from his street gigs last year. And yes, he is still active in Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs! Spot him right HERE:

A little birdy told me…

Also, a little birdy told me (yes, it was Martin Riggs) that Sammy actually has a personal request for Ysanygo to play at the Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs in 2020!

I don’t know about you, but this trend on ‘Ikaw sa Salamin’ by gelo; helping individuals to confess to their happy crushes is really one for the books. Adorable and very sweet… what better way to admit your attraction through a captivatingly beautiful single, right? Congrats to gelo; for making waves on his first release, we can’t wait to hear more from you in 2020!

Ygo has yet to respond to the tweet, but Ygo being Ygo, he’s just probably enjoying the holidays with his chocolatey buddy!

Stream ‘Ikaw sa Salamin’ now!

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Will you try confessing to your crush through ‘Ikaw sa Salamin’ by gelo;? I suggest you do so! Better get rejected than having what-ifs, right? Tell us what you think about this trend by commenting down below or you can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Merry Christmas, everyone!