We all find ourselves getting hurt with lyrics that attack our emotions and we often play them when we wanna cry our hearts out. But what is it with “hugot” songs and why do we love them?

Hugot songs are quite famous in the country. And local artists who release these so-called tracks, more often than not, get the most hits. More and more OPM tracks with the concept of heartbreak, friendzone, ghosting, and unrequited love keep on coming. Just this year, we have tons of new hugot songs to add to our playlist! That’s why for Micdrop’s new series of “Anong hugot hugot?”, I decided to talk about my top 10 picks of hugot songs that were released just this year!

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But really now… What is it with hugot songs and why do we seem to love it so much? Let’s find out!

1. The relatability

We love hugot songs because we can relate to them. The relatability from basically anything automatically gives us a connection—may it be through music, movies, books, and whatnot. When we can relate to something, it just sticks especially when we thought there’s no one out there who can understand what we’re feeling. It serves as a comfort that we are not alone and a reminder of what we are going through.

And who wouldn’t love it if they found a song that describes the anguish that they are experiencing or have experienced, right? I know I do! It helps me have a form of release and have something to sing (more like scream) when my heart is aching.

2. It puts into words what we feel

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Sometimes, our pain is too great and our emotions are too overwhelming that we no longer have the words to describe it. All we know is that we are hurting. That’s why we love hugot songs because out of the many OPM singles out there for the brokenhearted, more than one song would be able to hit bull’s eye on what we feel.

It serves as a representative or an outlet that can best describe our emotions—that’s why we can’t help but be consumed by all the hugot tracks.

3. We all tend to be masochists

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Alright, alright. Come on, admit it. No one will judge. We all tend to be masochists at times! We drown ourselves to the music of painful and heartbreaking songs to induce even more pain and to cry our hearts out. Sure, this can be a good thing to let it all out of your system. But be honest, sometimes you just really wanna slap yourself even more with attacks of the lyrics—either to remind you of the beautiful beginning, your blind love, or the devastating ending.

Whether you went through a breakup, got stuck in the friendzone, your love wasn’t reciprocated, or you were ghosted… You listen to these hugot songs because you just want to open up the wound even more.

4. We want to send out a message

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Oh geez, guys come on. We all have a bit of pettiness in us so it’s okay to admit that there are times, we love hugot songs and sharing that particular song, to “discreetly” let that person know the pain they’ve caused us. Sometimes, even in hopes that they’ll listen to the song and they would realize that it affected you cos of them.

Or maybe, you’re not being petty. You just want others to know what you feel. That you’re really not okay. It can also mean that you want other people to listen to the song and maybe, just maybe, find comfort in the lyrics the way that it helped you have a sort of catharsis. I prefer to think you’re sharing it cos of the latter!

5. Filipinos love the hugot

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Need I say more? Filipinos just love everything drama, drama, dra-maaa! We love heartbreaking things, and of course, music is one of them. No wonder that OPM hugot songs usually get the most hits. Filipinos love tear-inducing songs and the ones with lyrics that affect them the most.

No problem with hugot songs… But remember that we also have songs from our local artists that talk about other stuff that is not merely about love and y’all should go give it a listen as well!

On another note, check out our Hugot Songs of 2019 playlist now!

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How about you? Anong hugot mo? What’s your favorite OPM hugot song? Tell us by sending us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!