LATEST DROP: The Chase MV by Reese Lansangan

Turning things up a bit, The Chase by Reese Lansangan lets us in on a new life lesson. Run for something that matters for yourself.

A picturesque-like film, Reese Lansangan’s The Chase music video colors life and love in tints of blues and yellows. Just after its premiere release at Wanderland: Magic, the official music video of The Chase by Reese Lansangan dropped. And as usual, Reese didn’t stray far as she produced the music video together with her long-time collaborator and friend, GelloYellow or Gerard Lopez.

The music video featured Reese sporting athletic running gear, with a cute headband and colorful eyelids. It showed her “stellar athleticism” (Reese said that!) in a track field all by herself. The whole music video is vivid and striking, with all the colors popping. And we do love seeing how mysterious Reese can look, even with just sitting in the middle of a track field.

According to Reese, the song is her “honest and personal reflection on love and relationships. It looks back on a past that has been ridden with insecurity and instability, in a cycle of bad decisions. It’s about the tendency to seek for the opposite of what you want—of being attracted to danger and the thrill that it offers.” Which makes sense, since in the music video Reese is running by herself. It’s not just about chasing the thrill for danger. But it’s more of a life lesson of learning to find the reason to run in life that’s more about you and your personal growth.

In her single The Chase, Reese took a different turn with a new approach on her music. Ditching her usual acoustic sounds, Reese added a little bit of flair to her single. The Chase was written during the Elements Music Camp 2018. where Reese worked with top-notch music producers and talented rising artists such as herself. And it turns out better than expected.

Easter Egg?

Apparently, if you’ve watched the video up until the end, you might have noticed an Easter Egg. In the 30 second mark of the music video, Reese was seen crossing out days in a whiteboard. And in that same whiteboard, the line “I’m not the kind of girl who cries for a long time” was written in all capital letters. Pretty random, right? But at the post-credit scene of the video, Reese was listening to a song. Wait for it, a brand new song that has the lyrics “I’m not the kind of girl who cries for a long time”. So it’s just a matter of time till she drops her new single!

If that’s the case, then we’re definitely in for a treat! So while we wait for the “new song”, listen to Reese Lansangan on Spotify!

What can you say about the music video for The Chase by Reese Lansangan? Do you think the Easter Egg points to a new song she’s working on? Share us your thoughts on the comments down below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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