Taylor Swift delivered some exciting news during her acceptance speech at the 2020 American Music Awards!

Swifties helped Taylor Swift bag three awards at the recently concluded 2020 AMAs and the 30-year old pop star immediately gave back by announcing that she’s already re-recording her old music! In her acceptance speech for Artist of the Year, Taylor virtually accepted the award and appeared in a recording studio.

The reason I’m not there tonight is I’m actually re-recording all of my old music in this studio where we originally recorded it.

Watch her full acceptance speech below:


Battle with Scooter Braun

In case you’re wondering why Taylor is re-recording her old songs, everything started out back in July 2019 when the ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ singer learned that her former label, Big Machine Records, sold her masters – from her debut album to ‘reputation’, to music mogul Scooter Braun.

Justin Bieber, who chimed in during the heights of the Kanye-Taylor leaked phone conversation issue, also addressed Taylor on Instagram to defend his manager.

In November 2019, Taylor once again lashed out against Scooter and Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta, saying that the two won’t let her perform her old songs at the AMAs. It was in 2019 when Taylor was awarded Artist of the Decade.

A few days after, Big Machine released a statement giving Taylor the green light to perform her pre-‘Lover’ era songs. During her performance, she opened her medley of hits with her powerful anthem ‘The Man’, while wearing a shirt with the titles of her first six albums.

Not a lot going on at the moment, she said

A few hours before the 2020 American Music Awards, Taylor posted a photo on her Instagram account, and Swifties were sent into a frenzy.

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You may think that this is just a monochromatic photo of Taylor sitting on a couch, nbd. But, if you’ll look closely, the caption she wrote sounds familiar. Let’s take it back to April 2020, when Taylor posted a selfie on Instagram with the same caption.

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A few months later, Taylor dropped her 8th studio album ‘folklore’ and the photo she posted back in April was when she recorded the 16-track album. So, are we months away from hearing her re-recordings, or probably, new music from Taylor Swift? We’ve seen this film before, Swifties.

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