Young Thug dropped a new music video for his song “Up” featuring Lil Uzi Vert, the video is not only reminiscent of David Lynch’s series Twin Peaks, but also shows a lot of blatant but brilliantly designed occult imagery and symbolisms.

Occult visuals are being conveyed in Young Thug‘s new music video, which can be broken down into several concepts.


As soon as the video starts, there is an upside down shot of a woman crawling on a black and white checkered floor surrounded by red curtains. There is also a clip of women covered in checkered and black and white paint. In the Scottish Rite of freemasonry, concepts from both the Kaballah and Alchemy are used to explain this duality in many of the degrees. The position of the checkered carpet is an important notion in freemasonry, the floor is where the foundation of the human body is. The upside down clip could be denoting the esoteric concept of “As above and so below.”


A woman attired in red hair, red clothes, and goat horns and has a pentagram painted on her face. The red hair and dress could possibly be symbolizing the Scarlet Woman, which is a figure in The Book of Revelation that refers to The Whore of Babylon. As for the goat horns and pentagram on her face, this could be in reference to Baphomet, which is a deity, demon and/or symbolic icon which originated in the 14th century as a supposed figure of worship of the Knights Templar.

One Eye

At the 7-second mark, the camera pans in on the rapper’s eye, that may conceivably symbolize the Third Eye doctrine which refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness. Later on in the video, a woman is shown with eyes painted all over her face to further emphasize the reference.

The Owl

The owl is actually an icon that is often associated with the Goddess, Minerva. This symbolizes wisdom because of its ability to see in the dark. Occult practitioners believe this bird of prey is the perfect epitome of intelligence because of its ability to see the truths of the world while in the darkness.

Gene Simmons

Black and white duality is again displayed with a woman wearing a coat with opposing colors, she is also wearing face paint similar to Gene Simmons, the co-singer and bassist of iconic rock band KISS, who assumed an onstage persona called, The Demon.

As far as overall message, these visual imagery of occult and satanic symbolisims may just be purely for aesthetic purposes. These concepts are not new to the music and entertainment industry, it is an effective way to make a certain content stand-out, no matter what internal messages it may convey.

“Up” is off Young Thug’s latest release Hear No Evil. The EP also features Nicki Minaj on “Anybody” and “Now” with 21 Savage.