What started off as a reunion show after an almost decade-long separation paved the way for a comeback.

And now, reunited by sheer love for music, the Iligan-based band ‘Such’ has a new offering for their fans.

Such’s most recent album, a 10-track collection of fist-bumping, head-banging tunes called ‘Forward to Hastings,’ was dropped in 2011. But then life happened, and the members of the alt-rock collective found themselves in different corners of the world. They basically went on a hiatus that only ended when fate brought them together for a reunion show in 2019 in their hometown of Iligan City– a town where the band had become a household name. That one-off event alone was a massive treat to their fans. Fortunately, things did not end there.

As the year 2020 came to a close, Such surprised their fans with a brand new release. Dropped via Melt Records in the third week of December just in time before Christmas, ‘Brighter’ serves as their comeback single which also features Loop‘s Kim Trinidad for vocals. You can download the song on Bandcamp and stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital platforms.


According to E.J. Talaroc, the band’s bassist and one of the track’s songwriters, they’ve written ‘Brighter’ way, way back, and this was the first time the piece reached the recording studio. Also, like any other band who attempted and succeeded at making music in the face of a global pandemic, ‘Such’ struggled to finish this project. They shared that recording the song involved a lot of remote collaborations between the members.

The latest lineup of ‘Such’ consists of E.J. Talaroc, keyboardist John Bermundo, guitarists Simon Sabuero, Brando Bartolome, and Mich Pacalioga, and drummer JC Arkin. For the vocals, it’s Kim Trinidad, a former member of the recently disbanded ‘Loop.’ With regard to the future of Such’s music, let’s just say that it’s looking really bright as the members have expressed their hopes to make more songs.

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