Looking for ways to help people who entertain us during live music? Well, this online project is a great one to start!

If you go to gigs at night, best believe that the people behind who certainly made it to be the best live show have also struggled ever since the world went lock down for the safety of everyone. And up until now even though some businesses are starting to open, music bars and live gigs are still not operating.

In line with that, if you’re enjoying the free streaming of live online concert on different digital platforms, know that Jägermeister wants to connect people again through music and by online projects following the hashtag #SAVETHENIGHT.


The campaign aims to help with the funding of the nightlife industry that went hiatus for the meantime. Moreover, #SAVENIGHT project will be donating 1 million euros to bar owners and staff, bartenders, DJs, and musicians, and other artists worldwide.

Giving us the taste of night life again, you can join at #SAVETHENIGHT with Saydie! They will be performing live via Facebook and Instagram plus there will be games and Q&A in between. In case you didn’t know, Saydie is five-piece female-fronted metal band comprised with Kat Taylor, Karl Kliatchko, Lehmann Flores, Marvin Montero, and Mark Garchitorena.

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They are the amazing people behind the famous tracks like “Krolithika“, “Cage“, and “Yokai“. Etched with their prowess in their metal genre, we can totally say that this livestream is a really must watch! Feel free to checkout their official music video for “Yokai” below!

 “We’re really excited to do this, we can’t wait to put our music out there again. It’s an honor to be part of Jägermeister’s campaign, to be able to give hope through music and to be able to inspire everyone to move forward. We are so much bigger than what we are all going through right now. It might be chaos out there, but with music, it’s controlled.” Saydie expressed.

This event will be kick-off by 7PM until 8PM only this coming Sunday, June 28.  If you’re looking for more of their post-lockdown first full-band performance , you can check their Instagram and on their Facebook page!

Let’s work together during this time!

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