“You don’t want zero problems, big fella!”

Around late March, Chance the Rapper tweeted a job posting for an internship position. Due to Twitter’s 140 character limit, the job description wasn’t the most specific.

The “No Problem” rapper unsurprisingly received thousands of replies as soon as he posted the Tweet. Students from all over the world offered their services but with the horde of replies, we all know it would’ve been impossible for Chance or his associates to read through every single one of them.

Yes, someone did bag the internship: meet Negele Hospedales (Hospey), a recent graduate from the University of Calgary who was enjoying the confines of Sydney, Australia. He recently did an interview with Pigeons and Planes about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Chance the Rapper with his intern Hospey

No, it wasn’t dumb luck or connections. He put his creative to work and used the advantage of the internet. Want to follow in his footsteps? Here’s a step-by-step from the intern himself:


Even if it’s just an internship, it’s important to show your future boss the edge you have over others. It’s a competition and your goal should be to get the gold.

Hospey knew that the Chances (see what I did there) of his Tweet being viewed were slim to none. The rapper couldn’t spare six hours of his time looking through all the responses on social media. His mission was to stand out and that’s exactly what he did. He put up “Chance, Hire Hospey!” with his cover letter, resumé, and portfolio for viewing. Through the website, he was able to show off his skills and branding—not to mention his undying love for Chance.

“I learned how to be a strong, proud black man from Chance the Rapper. (Oh ya, I also once spent 5 hours making a website because Chance the Rapper tweeted out that he needs an intern).”


It’s an absolute dream to intern for your favorite Grammy Award-winning musician, and it’s understandable to freak out internally during the first day; the important part is that you’re doing it internally. Professionalism is an absolute must when it comes to jobs like this, as it’ll always be better to be known as the quite intern on the first day rather than the one who ran around like a headless chicken.


Hospey admits that touring can make one lonely even with the 90 other people on board. Loneliness attacks you personally, but because everybody else feels the isolation, it becomes a collective thing. Find comfort in each other’s presence because they’re in the same bus or plane as you for the entirety of the tour. Find family in the crew and enjoy the growth you’ll be experiencing together.

Eventually, the schedule turns into a routine. As you’re surrounded by people who don’t seem to have enough time, settling rearrangements will feel like second nature. The lavish lifestyle, however, will keep on surprising you. You’ll be chit chatting with Dave Chapelle one day, then tomorrow basketball with the Migos.


Going on tour seems like a lot of fun. You’re surrounded by outstanding creatives who give you the vitality to tread through each day. They provide you with inspiration for future projects as you learn the ways of the successful. With all this energy around you, it’s hard to block out the physical exhaustion touring brings an artist and the crew. Don’t forget it’s okay to admit to yourself that you’re tired.


Truth is, there is no right way. There might not even be a way to work for your favorite rapper but who knows? The universe might align for you.

By the end of it all, a tour leg has seamlessly passed, you have a couple stories to tell your circle back home, and you have a new group of people you consider family.

“He once forgot to put on his signature ‘3’ cap before a show in the second half of tour, and as his assistant Colleen reminded him of it he turned and said with an insightful smirk, “you know what’s funny? If I didn’t put this hat on tonight, there would’ve been a Complex article by tomorrow rationalizing exactly why I didn’t wear this hat”.”

This is why we love you, Chance.

P.S. Hopsey, I’m totally in love with the photos you captured with your film camera.

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