Stand a Chance To win tickets to watch Jeremy Zucker Live!

Jeremy Zucker, comethru hitmaker will be performing for a virtual concert tomorrow night, August 28!

After MCA launched their ‘LIVE in the Philippines’ and ‘The LIVE IN ROOM brands, they are back to showcase that Music Is indeed Universal and can definitely still slate digital platforms, in spite of the global pandemic.

That being said, they are presenting the evolution of ‘Music Is Universal’ into the digital space through a virtual edition! Catch the live performance of Jeremy Zucker on a special virtual gig invite-only! Want to join? Just fill up the information HERE.

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Aside from his great music, Jeremy is also kinda fun to talk to! Bet that you’ll totally be entertained with his set tomorrow night! Moreover, after releasing his latest album this year and his newly-released track, Supercuts expect that we’ll eventually dive into his new music as well.

The 24-year-old music artist stated:

“I have always historically written songs as a way of expressing things to the people around me because I haven’t always been able to express myself in words. I always stand by what gives me meaning in the music. I hope people will listen to the music and feel like they’re not alone.”

Don’t hesitate to join for this awesome event brought to you by MCA Music! See you tomorrow!


Which track in Jeremy Zucker’s album is your favorite?

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