Listen to Sponge Cola’s newest song ‘Lumipas Ang Tag-araw’ and get to know more about them in our exclusive virtual interview below!

You can’t spell famous Filipino rock bands without Spongecola. From singing along with their classic tracks like ‘Makapiling Ka‘, ‘Tuliro‘, ‘Nakakapagtaka‘ and many more, we cannot deny how much they were a part of our growing years. Imagine my excitement when this band who made our OPM hearts beats for more good tracks was a part of our virtual roundtable interview!

With the consistent offering of such great feats through their music & songs, Sponge Cola became a staple icon of rock music here in the Philippine music scene. And, one of the understated truths about them — If you also love live gigs just like us, we are 100% sure that you have encountered their mesmerizing live performances (which we miss BTW!) 

Let us get to know them more, join us through our feature below!

Who is SpongeCola?


Formed in 1998, Sponge Cola is one of the most popular rock bands in the OPM scene. Comprised of Yael Yuzon, Gosh Dilay, Armo Armovi, and Tedmark Cruz, this band served Filipinos with tons of great singles including Jeepney, KLSP, Gemini, Bitiw, Tuliro, Di Na Mababawi, Tambay, Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay, and XGF. To date, the band has released several albums that were not just successful but have also helped shaped the OPM industry to what it is today. 

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 Just recently, they shared a nostalgic photo on their Instagram, and it brought us so many memories of the band as we have seen them pour their hearts out through their own music over the past years they have been with us. 

Their latest track


During the pandemic, the song called “Lumipas Ang Tag-Araw” was born. It was a struggle, to say the least, because they were used to an old process that includes jamming together (physically) to create and change the arrangements of the song, but now with the pandemic and the lockdown in place, they shared that their music process also evolved with changes — some were definitely a bit more challenging like sending files online (big files) and with the usual two to three hours delay (due to connection issues) that sometimes hinders the process. But in the end, they were all happy as it all worked out and they were able to learn to adapt to a remote music process (which is kinda cool!) And, as a bonus, we now have an amazing song!

The song “Lumipas Ang Tag-Araw” is all about that summer that has passed because of our current situation. Fun Fact, Yael wrote the song during a trip when he’s dropping off her wife to work. He said that “ it was a burst of creativity — just when I was passing by at Nepa Q Mart”. 


Another really cool fun fact! They recorded the music video for “Lumipas ang Tag-Araw” using their own phones and it was the groups’ first time doing such a unique take on creating a music video. And to be honest? It was the perfect music video for the song — They were able to show how hard our situation is, and they were able to portray through the song and the music video our daily lives during the pandemic and how through staying together — we get to pull through!

Favorite Songs of the Band


Aside from having a fun chat with the band, we also asked some quick getting to know facts about their favorite tracks from their own albums. For the past decade, Sponge Cola released a lot of great songs that left a mark on our generation, but we were wondering, for them what could be their favorite tracks?

We started with Yael and Tedmark’s favorite song, which is “Tuliro” as for them, they have the freedom to play it depending on their mood. Which varies and is challenging as it could be a faster and reggae-ey kind of vibe or more pop.

As for Gosh and Armo, their favorite is “Jeepney” because it is like the quintessential Sponge Cola song; it is also one of the timeless songs that enables them to have a different interpretation/meaning as time goes by.  

Advice for the new and upcoming bands


In this generation, we could see how many aspiring artists are trying to create their name on the OPM scene. To encourage them and inspire them more, here are some the precious tips from the iconic band, Sponge Cola!

  • Know the ins and outs – If you’re new in the industry you can’t just go and do whatever you want without the proper knowledge, you have to know what you should and cannot do to avoid any problems in the future.  
  • Be nice – When you’re in a band, get to know and be “REAL” friends with your bandmates because you will be spending all of those hours with them and it’s hard if you can’t get along with them.
  • Write songs – You have to make a name for yourself, not by performing covers of songs from popular artists’ but do it by leaving a mark that makes you who you are and you can only do that by writing your own songs.
  • Own It – Be who you are, don’t copy other people/artists’; above all be yourself because if you love what you’re doing you can make a name for yourself being yourself.
  • Finish School – This for them is the most important advice, finish your school to give credit to those people who worked hard for your schooling fees. And at least have a fallback just in case things did not go well as planned. 

Sponge Cola, is one of those bands that has truly stood the test of time. They are one of the few OG bands out there that is totally an inspiration in the music industry. Even if live gigs were canceled because of the pandemic we are facing, they were one of the very few ones who currently has started out and pioneered an online LIVE gig every Friday! (Watch them do various amazing stints on their official Facebook page); which even brought an outstanding feat as they were hailed Top 2 on Billboard’s Top Facebook Live Chart (October 2020) 

Filipino rockers Sponge Cola follow BTS at No. 2 with an Oct. 30 live performance, with the band dressed in costumes to celebrate Halloween.

The 72-minute performance had the most views in its first seven days of any musician-uploaded livestream on Facebook in October 2020, with 823,000 views, and it was also the most-commented (75,000) and most-shared (24,000); however, its reactions only totaled 36,000, which helped BTS to the overall lead. – via Billboard

 Crossing fingers that next year we will hear a lot more of Sponge Cola’s new songs! If you wanna know more, watch & follow Sponge Cola on their official FB page. They are doing weekly live shows on Facebook, where they perform songs, interact with the fans, and a lot more. You will get to see Sponge Cola like never before! It is like they have their very own late-night show. 

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