Listening to songs while sipping hot coffee and just watching those raindrops.

Listening to songs is something that we do every day. It just gets us. Music gets us. We consume different types of music according to our mood. When we are happy we listen to upbeat music, when we are sad we listen to sad music, when we feel anger we listen to heavy songs. It is simply there for us at any moment in our life.

Now that the rainy season is approaching, it comes with a certain emotion. We feel gloomy every time it rains, even if there are no apparent reasons to feel that way. Maybe because of a memory that happened when it was raining, or because of the weather, or maybe because of the ambient sounds we hear, it just makes us feel gloomy. And you know what comes hand in hand with the gloomy feeling that we feel during rainy seasons, music! Just sitting down, staring point-blank at a window, and just listening to music that complements the raindrops you see in a window and the cold weather. Or maybe lighting up a stick of cigarette while drinking that hot coffee or whatever kind of drink you consume while listening to that chill music.

The staring and the drinking feels better when you do those things while listening to music. You just feel it and become lost in the middle of your thoughts. A definition of chill time, am I right? So here are some tunes from various artists that you should try to listen to as you stare at those raindrops and add to your rainy season playlist!

Wake Up by Arcade Fire


All I Want by Kodaline


Suitcase by Matthew Koma


Heartbeats by Jem Cubil and Andrea Barbierra


Sino by Unique


Sa’yo by Munimuni


24 by Paramore


Misguided Ghost by Paramore


Remembering Sunday by All Time Low


Empty by Click Five

What songs are in your rainy season playlist?

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