What the hell did we do to deserve this, 2020?

Tennessee-based synth-pop femme fatale trio, Avenue Beat, who dubs themselves as the fresh faces of Feminism have come up with a song that without a doubt sums up our mood for 2020 so far.

It’s our current jam right now but it isn’t available on platforms other than Instagram or TikTok yet so check it out here:

An instant hit

The song which the trio had released on their Instagram page sparked global interest and within 3 days gained over half a million views. The video was also released on Avenue Beat’s official TikTok account where it earned a massive viewership of over 4.5 million in 2 days and over a thousand reposts and cover videos.

In the song, the main vocalist, Savana, tells us about being stoked, counting down to 2020 on December 31st declaring, “2020 is my year, bitchessssss.” Then “gave it a month or two” and by then she knew she’d had enough of the year.

Recounting that aside from the fact that we were wretched out of our normal lives and thrown into this maliciously-written dystopian young adult novel with a global pandemic, civil unrest across all borders, a volcanic eruption here in the Philippines (yeah that happened just this year), and bush fires raging across Australia, her cat had also died.

With the bombardment of all these happenings, the world has turned grim and the downcast human race is just done with all of it and so comes the aptest ending to the song. Pointing their middle fingers to the sky, “Fuck 2020” is ended with the statement: “Can we just get to 2021?” cause surely, it can’t get much worse than this.

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What do you think about 2020 so far or this song?

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