So what’s the deal with The Weeknd’s face in ‘Save Your Tears’ music video?

the weeknd face save your tears music video

It has only been a week since we finally got out of 2020, and yet 2021 is proving to be just as bizarre. Recently, the world was shocked when Grammy Award-winning, Diamond-certified artist The Weeknd took to Instagram to post a selfie revealing his new face.

As expected, the flabbergasted social media had a lot to say. Some were horrified over the idea that the “handsome Squidward” could be his real new look, while some made jokes about why The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Tesfaye, couldn’t feel his face. Concerned fans had every reason to feel this way, as the ‘Starboy’ hitmaker had previously appeared on both the American Music Awards and the Video Music Awards with a bruised and bandaged face.

If you’re also one of those fans who fell for it, you can stop worrying now, because they’re all prosthetics. On January 5, The Weeknd dropped the music video for ‘Save Your Tears,’ one of the tracks on his fourth studio album After Hours (2020). In it, we see the ‘Blinding Lights’ singer wearing his drastically transformed post-bandage face and his signature red suit. Upon seeing the video, fans concluded that there’s a character The Weeknd is portraying, and the looks– from the bloody, bandaged face to the Lord Farquad look– are all part of the story.


Well, whether or not you legitimately thought he had permanently transformed himself into a handsome Squidward, one thing is for sure: Save Your Tears is off to become one of the best songs this 2021. Critics described it as the lovechild of Wham’s ‘Everything She Wants’ and Post Malone’s ‘Circles. Billboard also praised it for being the best song on the album, which is saying something because The Weeknd. Never. Makes. A. Bad. Song.

How about you, though? What do you think about The Weeknd’s ‘plastic surgery’ gimmick as well as his latest music video? Tell us in the comments below! Also, for the latest happenings in music, gaming, and entertainment, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram @udouph. And if you liked this article, make sure to stay tuned with us on udou.ph.

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