Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray has dropped a stripped-down version of her 2018 song, “We’re in this Together.”

Set against a brick wall with minimal lighting, the official music video features the beauty queen-model performing an acoustic version of her song with her boyfriend, Sam Milby, playing the guitar beside her. It premiered on July 18 and has, amazingly, already garnered 1.4 million views as of this writing.

“All streams and digital download proceeds go towards the Young Focus Philippines,” says Catriona on the caption.

The said organization is currently running a fundraising campaign called ‘Quality Education for All‘, which aims to raise Php1Million for its beneficiary students who are facing challenges in their education brought by the global pandemic. Gray also encourages her viewers to donate directly through this link.


Sam and Catriona have recently been at the center of controversy after Catriona’s ex-boyfriend, Clint Bondad, posted a series of cryptic Instagram stories that netizens quickly assumed to be threats towards the couple.

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On Sunday, Sam Milby took to Twitter to speak out against the allegations against him and his girlfriend. “Cat and I have chosen to keep our relationship mostly private,” said the singer-actor. He went on to point out that their silence does not mean they’re guilty. “It has been our initial choice not to dignify nor respond to all these baseless claims,” said Milby in a follow-up tweet,

Have you heard Catriona Gray and Sam Milby’s version of ‘We’re in this Together’?

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