Immerse yourself in fresh music and get to know more about the latest artist of O/C Records through our zoom interview with Sabrina Manansala! 

From time to time, an artist takes us on an uncharted journey to the depths of their hearts. 

If you’ve already heard her solo track with a dash of spoken word poetry, it’s time to dive more into O/C Records’ newest artist, Sabrina Manansala’s passion for music and how she found a way to make the best out of it. Watch her interview below and you’ll surely discover something about this young artist!


Who’s Sabrina Manansala?

Photo taken by Cedric Manuel

Taking the route of both music and spoken word poetry is not that easy. But for the versatile artist, Sabrina Manasala, these two are her mediums to explore the depths of her thoughts and emotions.

Sabrina Manansala is a singer-songwriter, busker, and spoken word poetry artist. She started writing her own music six years ago and with her latest release, we could say that she is on the way to mastering her own craft.

“Actually the funny story about that is it started with the song that I was supposed to write with… you know somebody from the past. Ayun so paminsan hindi talaga meant to be ang mga bagay. So ang nangyari ang pinaka meant to be sakin ay ang kanta na natapos ko. Which is not what I released, but the first ever song that I wrote, which led me to creating more songs. Up until now..” she shared.

Merging two forms of art

Making music is very different from composing verses for a poem. But Sabrina Manansala’s latest track, ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna’ is proof that combining these two can yield a beautiful result.

Listening to it, it feels like we’re embracing her sheer love for singing, aside from her bruised heart. Her voice is crisp, naturally made for this kind of art— a summary of a girl who flaunts her talent passionately while learning her trade at the same time.

Mixing certain artforms creates a new atmosphere because art is filled with endless possibilities. Well, have you ever listened to a song and there is spoken poetry in it? The music is speaking to you directly and piercing your heart with thousands of knives with spoken poetry.

“Poetry and Music has this really heart wrenching effect on people when you listen to it live. And then I have some friends that they would do music and then one of their other friends would be doing poetry beside them, and I was like paano kung isang tao nalang yung gagawa niyan. But hindi mo siya, like it could be a piece that you wrote down or it could be a piece that you just felt to say on the spot. I started experimenting on that, and I don’t know it is just really feels amazing to be able to say something that you haven’t said yet, but at the same time share like the message of the music that you already made, so it’s creating with something that you’ve already created” she expressed.

During the quarantine

Just like everyone else, the pandemic took its toll on her. But one of her coping mechanisms is making herself busy with work. In the process, she started her passion project which is called “Shared Spaces.” Sabrina shared that she did this to not succumb to feelings caused by things no one has control over.

She even advised us to take 10 seconds of your time to look at the sunset to make you realize that you’re still a human being that appreciates the little things– that you have to make time, even just a little, for the things that make you feel alive.

Recommendation song to new fans

If you’re searching for an indie song with spoken poetry in it, the song “Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna” is the best choice. The song was about a specific moment between two people, and wanting to stay there in that specific moment, not knowing if the person could longer or not.

“‘Hanggang Dito Nalang Muna’ was supposed to out earlier, and you know given the pandemic setting, they were a lot of adjustments that were made, and it’s really crazy kasi everything happens online. But I did have the privilege to record it in OC records studio when the pandemic started easing in. Of course with social distancing so parang ako lang yun at tska yung tska si Martin na nag aayos nung sa vocals and everything.” she stated.


“Very challenging siya, It definitely tested me in a way on how I view the song on how I wanted to be produced or parang paano siya lalabas, ang daming learnings from that journey of creating your music, recording it having it turned into maybe even better. Eventually it did played out so well, na parang sometimes I listen to it and I don’t know if it was ever, it was ever mine.” She added.

Being part of O/C Records Family

Few people know how Sabrina sent a copy of her demo to O/C Records, but we know. Let us share just a tidbit of it. It was a Friday night. Sabrina and her friends went out for a couple of drinks and when she got home, around 2 am or 3 am, she was talking to her friend over the phone then she had this crazy idea to send a demo of her song to O/C Records.

But to tell you, that would turn out to be one hell of a good decision, because now she’s a part of the O/C Records Family. According to Sabrina, she’s very grateful that they’ve accepted and welcomed her to a wonderful community. She adds that she is excited to grow more with her music and arts.


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