SAB to introduce herself and her story with debut single this coming Friday!

Singer-songwriter SAB is now ready to pour us her story through her coming-of-age track ‘She’.

Star Music will be presenting another endearing singer-songwriter set to release her Debut Single ‘She’ tomorrow! Etched with cherry melodies and SAB’s angelic voice, this track should be added to your queue once it starts slating digital platforms this Friday. 

What’s More?

The 18-year-old artist initially penned “She” as a spoken word piece at first and then she decided that her patterned verses would also be good in a song. Imbued by her own quest for self-discovery, this upcoming track would definitely make be relatable to all young peeps out there.

“Through writing this song, I wanted to establish my voice and my own coming of age story. I wanted to show that even if some of my ideologies are always changing, it’s still me,” SAB expressed, who recalled being a “shy type” growing up.


Moreover, this was produced by ABS-CBN Music’s creative director Jonathan Manalo. For all young people like us, you could embrace this raw but empowering anthem that talks about many facets of growing up, while we’re all trying our very best to be a better person.

“It’s seeing your younger self and being thankful for being where you are now,” SAB added. “This song is for myself, and now it’s also for anyone who needs to remember that things are always going to be okay no matter what.” Sab stated.

Digging a little more, SAB has been playing the piano since she was seven years old, then she learned eventually to play the ukulele and guitar by herself at the age of 15 and 16. Respectively. her music mostly delivers a mix of indie and pop.

Simply put, SAB is one of the artists that you should definitely look out under Star Music. In line with that, you can listen to SAB while she’s performing live at Star Music Facebook Page today!

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