We have a lot of legendary bands in the Philippines that contributed a lot to the music scene, like Rocksteddy. Now they’re releasing their newest single called “Wag Mo Akong Iiwan.”

Who is Rocksteddy?


Rocksteddy is a Filipino alternative rock band, founded in March 2003. They’re formerly known as Acoustic Faith by fellow church members. They consist of Teddy Corpuz the lead singer, Jeff Cucullo in drums, Christian Sindico in the bass, and Juven Pelingon in lead guitar.

They are very famous for their songs “Lagi Mo Na Lang Akong DInededma” “Gising Na”, especially “Superhero” which provided the theme song for ABS CBN fantasy show Super Inggo.

Wag Mo Akong Iiwan, Rocksteddy’s Newest Single


During the quarantine, they’re stuck in their own homes but that didn’t hinder their creative process and created a new single called “Wag Mo Akong Iiwan.” The song will surely resonate with a lot of music fans.

Juven Pelingon, their guitarist said. “Isolation has been a challenge, through a video platform, Live streaming is the best way to connect with other artists and fans. Everyone was forced to write and record their new material separately, but we’ve made the most of what we have.”


Their new song “Wag Mo Akong Iiwan” talks about the challenges of maintaining a love that’s slowly dimming in the process which a lot of people are experiencing because of the pandemic. A lot of people will surely relate to the songs and it will be a big hit.

“It’s about the hardships of maintaining and choosing to love each other till the end, But most importantly it talks about hope and not giving up on each other. Feeling ko sakto rin ‘yung song sa panahon ngayon na maraming relationships ang nasisira at nasusubukan because of the pandemic.” said Teddy Corpuz their lead vocalist.

How did they pull it through? For Rocksteddy, keeping the fire alive is all that matters more than anything else. 


“The pandemic somehow affected us in some ways, but our passion connected us in terms of doing music together, music is a form of language and expression, a way of escape. I’m sure my bandmates would agree with me.” drummer Jeff Cucullo said.

Wag Mo Akong Iiwan” is now available on all digital platforms.

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