Looking for a refreshing track? Dive into the newly-released track of Rice Lucido, ‘Habilin’ now!

Released under O/C Records, Rice Lucido’s new track flaunts a calming reminder that everyone is holding on to their dreams bravely even there is an increasingly uncertain in this chaotic world of today. Admit it, we can totally count on with this kind of music right now that embraces humility and hope in the face of mounting hardship.

The singer-songwriter’s four-minute track takes off with her warm vocals, flaunts her voice in crisps, and naturally whiskery. Sprinkled with more complex guitar work, ‘Habilin’ underpins her signature folk-acoustic sound that gives wistful and magical vibes.

If you are curious about its sound, give it a listen below!


Head held high

What’s more, ‘Habilin’ simply enticing us to stay humble and hopeful because life may not always go our own way. Like we can keep on track by looking always on a big picture instead of the rough road ahead of us. More so, it also tells us not to think too much and what we feel is not what’s always true.

To send the message straight to the point, the track became a bit more adventurous than her previous releases in terms of musicality. It reflects the ethereal and calming feel that is obviously shown to its cover art.

Additionally, it sounds comforting enough and we just felt peaceful jamming on shore-like and serenity. Don’t forget also to stream it on different digital platforms and yep, it might just be what the dreamer in you needs to hear.


What do you think about the latest track of Rice Lucido ‘Habilin’?

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