Relive SB19 First Virtual Global Live Concert through ‘SB19 Monsoon Relief’!

If you missed the first-ever online concert of P-pop sensation, SB19, here’s good news for you!

With almost 7000+ tickets sold, the Global Live concert was definitely a success! The boys reached top Twitter trends surpassing almost 340k+ tweets which also appeared on worldwide trends.

And because many fans demanded a part 2, SB19 Global Live Online Concert will have a rerun on November 28, 2020. Yay! This time it will be entitled “SB19 – Monsoon Relief” where all the proceeds of the replay will be donated to charity especially to those affected by the recent calamities.

SB19 Noteworthy Performances

We could say that SB19 absolutely offered an extravagant show to their fans last Saturday! From performing all of their tracks to showcasing their renditions and covers such as Bruno Mars’ “Finesse’ and Bamboo’s “Hallelujah” performed by Josh, Stell, and Justin.

Yes! You’ve heard it right! SB19 showed-off their incredible musical prowess when it comes to different genres like Hip-hop, Ballad, and hitting those sharp verses of rapping. 

Courtesy of ShowBT Entertainment

Through this, the boys proved that aside from the pop genre, they can also offer a wider variety of musical prowess.  If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t let this chance slip away!

What’s More

Aside from those renditions and covers, one of the awesome performances of the show was Sejun and Ken’s segment featuring an original song “Akala”. Digging a little more, it is an original composition and production by Sejun and his brother, Josue.

Both Sejun and Ken wowed their fans by showing their sheer love for singing then diverted into rapping. The group also performed the Pepsi segment featuring a full-length performance of “Sundin ang Puso”. 

Courtesy of ShowBT Entertainment

Of course, we will not also forget to mention their awesome wardrobes during the performances. The boys slated the Global Live stage looking edgy and stunning in every part of their performances. 

To cap off their more than one hour concert, there’s a nostalgic and touching message video from A’TIN that made the boys feel a whole lotta love and gratitude. Even if it happened virtually, we indeed feel the love while enjoying the party in our respective homes.

Get to experience the show all over again this November 28, 2 PM PHT at Global Live. You can get tickets via TicketNet and Global Live payment platforms.

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