Britney Spears’ Toxic is such an iconic part of the early 2000s. When the opening notes play, everyone knows it’s time to dance. Now imagine if that song gets slowed down. The lyrics are better highlighted, and the whole thing just feels more personal. Well, you don’t need to just imagine it, because indie folk singer-songwriter Reese Lansangan’s got you covered.

If you’re wondering why there are moving cars behind Reese, that’s because she’s on the Wish 107.5 bus. The show is “The Road Show” with DJ Robin Nievera. It’s the country’s first ever radio show on wheels and it shines a light on promising artists.

Reese did a wonderful job of giving the pop song a gritty and bluesy feel. She even integrated another Britney Spears song, “Womanizer”, which was a nice little surprise. Reese’s music style is well known for taking her listeners on a journey and this cover has no exception. You could feel the heartache in her voice, and it was hauntingly beautiful.       

Cover Girl

There are more covers up on Reese’s YouTube channel. She does songs from both local and international artists. As a Beatles fan, I have a soft spot for her indie-fied version of Blackbird. There are also song dissections up there, where she breaks down the lyrics of her songs. I recommend watching her St. Petersburg dissection!

Indie Taking the Center Stage

If you want more of Reese Lansangan, you’re in luck. MCA Music is bringing us GetMusic Indie-Go. This concert will feature indie bands Jensen and the Flips, Autotelic, Sud, and much more! This is such a huge deal. Mainstream music is taking notice of indie artists, and giving them the spotlight they deserve. If all goes well, there might be more events like this. Show our local artists some love on May 20, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.
And hey, if you’re unsure of how to go about gigs like this, check out our Open Letter to Event-Goers!