And a little sensual too, I think?

Previously on Quarantine artistry, we uncovered the vastly creative new-normal world of music videos in quarantine. Now we dive deeper with yet another entry to the new genre borne out of necessity in this overall harsh new reality.


Our latest subject: Troye Sivan’s music video for new single, Rager Teenager. The vocal-centered, church-organ backed, mellow, and track is a conversation between Troye at present and Troye in his teenage years centered around the sentiments sung in the chorus, “I miss you around.”

Troye shares this tender voice note posted on his Instagram Stories with regards to the message of the song: “So what if it’s like this concept of you talking to, essentially like, your young self, this part of you that you forgot over the years. I feel like I started re-meeting myself a couple weeks ago, and I’m like “oh fck, I forgot that I had this in me” and then later on adding, “what if it’s like a letter to your old self kinda thing and almost like a little bit of hope for the future…”

The Music Video

Rager Teenager was entirely shot with a static camera placed to reveal a mid-shot of Troye Sivan lounging, clothed, sitting in a very 70s bath. The end result is what looked like a quintessential Wes Anderson scene.

And like every other Wes Anderson static scene, it offers a vaguely peculiar sense of intimacy between the viewer and the subject which in this case was Troye Sivan singing along throughout the entire song as we peered in (none so creepily) on his outward monologue.

From Troye Sivan’s not-so-distant past, we got “Youth” where the singer is seen partying away in the middle of a crowd, and fans suspect that in the same house Youth was shot, there lay the Rager Teenager bathroom where it virtually belonged.

As if old and changed Troye was having a bathroom existential crisis (we’ve all been there) figuring out where the young and happening Troye had gone even though he was just in the same proverbial house that was himself.

The Quarantine MV Award Goes to…

Unlike the quarantine films we featured before, this one probably takes the cake. It had the perfect song that almost gave away the music video concept, the most picturesque indoor bath which is interesting enough to be looked at for 3 whole minutes, and a very gorgeous person in a bathtub with a visual-effects laden face that made you try to figure out what was happening the whole time.

If we weren’t in quarantine, I think it would be a shame if this wasn’t the execution of the music video.

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