With a psychedelic visual feel, the music video of Pwede Naman by White Sunday unveils modern love that stands through the test of time.

The music video of Pwede Naman by White Sunday just dropped. And it’s nothing but a charismatic razzle-dazzle spectacle. For a love song, they’ve kicked it up a notch to display a sharp and cutting-edge music video. Certainly, they’re trying to make a statement as they continue to showcase their newest single visual.

White Sunday, the ambient alternative rock band hailing from Bulacan serves us their latest music video. The band is composed of Terrence Reyes, Chi Lopez, Raven Fernando and Jam Al-ag Ruiz. Under the banner of Ivory Music and Video, they’re off to make their name and music heard across the local music scene. And setting up their eyes to make a lasting impression, they released their first official track, along with it’s music video, Pwede Naman.

Psychedelic yet pragmatic

Pwede Naman encapsulates love in its truest form. It talks about the struggles of people in a relationship and wanting to push through despite the odds. It revolves around the idea of wanting to fix things rather than letting it fester until it sinks the ship. While it lyrics does seem not to match the vibe of the video, there’s a sense of realism in it.

Usually, these kind of song leans on a romantic take with a much more dramatic feel. Rather than a flashy, club scenery. But despite that, the narrative of the music video feels perfect. It isn’t just modern but it’s relatable and realistic. It appears that the couple had a fight of some sort. But despite of the idea of breaking up or cooling off, the guy took it to himself to fix things. Which they did. The energy of the song flows perfectly smooth the whole video. And make no mistake because they’ve presented it in a way that everyone can relate, no dull moments at all.

In case you haven’t heard of this gem, be sure to stream Pwede Naman by White Sunday on Spotify!

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