Prepare for a change in pace as Project Moonman goes alternative in his newest single, ‘Streetlights’!

Project Moonman’s past singles all tugged at our heartstrings, dealing with the effects of a break up. But this time, the DJ/Producer, Mark Thomson a.k.a Project Moonman served us his latest track, ‘Streetlights’ which takes us on a night ride as we reminisce good times with good friends.

Kicked-off with his cool and goofy introduction, this track spins a funky side of Mark Thompson. If you’re excited for its tune, you can totally check its newly-released lyric video below!

Shifting gears

The multi-talented artist breaks the norm of his previous releases— low key with a mellow vibe that never fails to make us remember the good and bad times of a relationship. Simply put, this latest track deviates from that and it is a feel-good track that conveys about celebrating life with friends after a bottle or two. 

Project Moonman, 'Streetlights'

In line with that, ‘Streetlights’ gives us a very raw feelings where you can listen to this freely or sing it at the top of your lungs. To tell you, after listening to this track, this definitely brought up nostalgic memories of being intoxicated with friends or let say, having the time of your lives without thinking about tomorrow. If you’re the type of person who lives in the moment, this song is definitely for you!

The intro will surely catch your attention, and you’ll probably miss going to live gigs more because of this track. In the meantime, we can all listen to ‘Streetlights’ by Project Moonman and reminisce about our drunken stupors while we are waiting for all this craziness to subside.

Moreover, this great track was released under O/C Records last June 26. Don’t forget to stream it now on all digital platforms also on Spotify!

What do you think about ‘Streetlights’?

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