Listen to Pordalab’s latest track called “Paghilom” which is also the official theme of the movie “ECQ Diary”.

Pordalab just released their newest track called ‘Paghilom’ under Believe Digital. A song of self-reflection as the band describes it, we could also say that this track is actually like comforting ourselves despite these devastating times. 

“Paghilom resonates with Pordalab’s collective self-reflection and self-reminder for coping-up and healing as we continue to tread the pandemic,” shared Karl Ramirez, Pordalab’s frontman, composer, and music producer.

The song is also another collaboration of the band with journalist and film director Arlyn Dela Cruz – Bernal and the Blank Pages Productions film outfit. What’s more, ‘Paghilom’ is the official theme of the movie “ECQ Diary” besides Karl also doing the musical score.

“ECQ Diary” stars veteran actresses Elizabeth Oropesa and Daria Ramirez, and directed by Arlyn Dela Cruz – Bernal.

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“The main challenge with producing the song from different locations is how to effectively communicate the feel of the emotion of the instrument and vocals during the recording takes,” said Karl. “And because we were very much immersed with creating the song, the final output came out magically carrying the emotions we all want it to have.”

In case you don’t have any idea about them yet, the band name Pordalab came from the phrase ‘For the love’ spoken in a hard, Filipino accent. They want to showcase their talent to inspire people and spread genuine care for others.

They are a six-piece band with Karl Ramirez for Vocals and Guitars, Boogs Villa Real for Vocals, Kalimba and Ukelele, Burn Belacho for Lead Guitar, Jomar Mangulbnan for Rhythm Guitar, Kyle De Leon for Bass and lastly, Pedro Magat for percussion and drums.

Moreover, the song features violin tracks performed by Earlmond Ross Lee straight from Olongapo City. Even band members currently at different locations, the recording was ingeniously completed remotely from three main locations – Olongapo City, Metro Manila, and Naga City where Karl currently is.

“Through Paghilom, we aim to share a part of our own healing process, to maybe help others heal too and inspire them of ways to overcome new normal day-to-day challenges,”-Karl Ramirez.

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