This is a career milestone for the Juans whose members are absolutely thankful to fans for supporting them to the Next Big Sound Billboard Chart!

The Viva Records quintet composed of singers Carl Guevara, Japs Mendoza, bassist Chael Adriano, guitarist RJ Cruz, and drummer Joshua Coronel scored a big win earlier this week! Pop-rock group The Juans made their Billboard Chart debut making it to no.9 on Billboard Charts Next Big Sound. 

Pop-rock band The Juans made it to the Billboard Chart Next Big Sound this week!

This win officially marks the group as the 3rd Filipino act ever to enter the Next Big Sound Billboard chart, with SB19 landing a spot in 2019 and Morisette in 2020.

Next Big Sound is a Billboard chart that lists rapid-rising tracks from around the world, making it a good radar of what’s making hits across the globe.

When the Juans made it to Billboard’s Next Big Sound, of course, they first took to social media to thank their fans and let them know they “make all our hard work worth it.”

This celebration comes at the heels of their most recent and highly successful single “Pangalawang Bitaw” whose music video just came out last January 29.