If your four walls at home are already driving you insane, tune into our playlists that will surely boost your mood!

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The “new normal” includes fully incorporating working from the very roof we sleep under…but we know it’s hard to be productive when most of us think of our homes as our place for rest and relaxation. 

It is very important to make conscious efforts in ensuring our productivity even when we’re technically outside the office and there are a lot of things that we can do to achieve this. Perhaps the most important one, though, is finding an everyday routine that helps prep our minds and bodies to work. Of course, what better way to help ease into a new routine than by letting music help you with it.

“Humans are creatures of habit and as a species. We have evolved to be sensitive to what happens in our surroundings.” Kass Monzon, CEO, and co-founder of Workbean, a platform that focuses on company culture and employer branding. “Music helps us change the atmosphere that we’re in: even though our bodies are at rest, we can jumpstart our brains to motion and do something different.”

We understand that music, of course, boils down to personal preference and taste. But songs, especially a special list of chosen ones, give off a particular vibe that makes them perfect for certain situations, may they be related to working or not.

With the help of some HR professionals, we’ve prepared not one, not two but five different playlists to get you through a work-from-home day.


Here are tunes they’re playing to stay focused, calm, and, most importantly, sane while working from home.  Hopefully, you might just find the newest addition to your library below.

9AM: To Jumpstart The Day

If you want your entire day to turn out great, then start it right. Just like the perfect cup of coffee, a great morning playlist consists of songs that speak of energy and encouragement, but not in an overwhelming sense.


“I love to belt out and sing-along so I’d go for upbeat music to make me get out of bed, organise my work station, and just get my bearings settled in before I start my day!” declares Mae Del Mundo, Talent Acquisition at Canva.

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You can start by saying a little prayer with “Fight Song” or admit early on that you’re a “Bad Guy” (duh). Look for bops that you can sing along or dance a little to.

11AM: To Help You Focus

We may be in quarantine, but we’re sure about one thing: it’s difficult to stay focused when it’s a little before lunchtime. You’d be hungry, the sun would almost be at its peak. 

Music can be a little too much during this time, so professionals across different fields recommend tunes with no or unfamiliar lyrics.

“Every line of code requires a deep level of concentration and sound logic. So I resort to listening to classical music to get my nerd on and forget the world around me for a while.” Marie Bulosan, full-stack engineer at Workbean explains.

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If you’re not very much into that, you can try alternative/indie multi-instrumentalists or movie soundtracks instead.

1PM: To Boost Motivation

Imagine having a hearty meal with your family at 12 noon on a Wednesday. Doesn’t it remind you of the weekend? It’s so much of a dream that you’re actually tempted to lie down and take a nap?


Don’t. Give. In.  Instead, put on anthems that are filled with encouraging lyrics. Or if you’re up for it, put on jams that you’d want to show off your dance, gym, or even cosplay moves to!

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“If [they are] songs that boost motivation, it should hype you up,” Bryle Villanueva, HR Business Partner at CIMB says. “Hype songs [can be] something that you would listen to when you work out.”

3PM: To Lighten The Mood

The day is almost over, but not quite. By now, perhaps you’ve done so much. Well done! You need to keep the productivity up a couple of hours more, but you need to get that really stressful meeting out of your head. 

The unanimous advice? Go for songs you can sing to and voice out your stress in a melodic manner. Go from mellow indie, chill pop to old school jazz, Latino, or even songs from down memory lane.

“I like […] old bands with positive songs,” Andrei Perevalov, Regional Talent Acquisition Manager for Zenrooms simply states.

“This is more of a personal preference but I find comfort in songs I grew up with,” shares Philip Oliveros, Branding and Communications Manager for Transcom Asia PH. “Sometimes [it] makes me feel like going back to the good old days.”

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5PM: To Chill Out

Your work for the day is over! Time to put on songs that feel like rewards for your ears. This can be different for each individual, from old jams, indie acoustics to KPop.

Play whatever helps release the tension on your shoulders. After all, you’re playing songs solely for yourself now.


Give a listen to these songs and who knows, you might like them and add you can even duplicate the list to add into your own music library!

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It’s not really healthy to just continuously stare at troubling news all day while allowing yourself to panic from headlines or even as you try to stuff your mouth with brownies to make things a bit sweeter. Trust us, we have been there — It’s still way better to treat yourself with this simple yet effective quarantine treatment.

So what are you waiting for?  Check out our own hidden playlist gems! Hopefully, it will keep you sane during your working hours as it pretty much is our lifeline here at UDOU.

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Words penned by Maddie Castillo