We’ve been experiencing more rainy days and nights, which means more senti moments for us.

As romantic beings, there’s something about the wet, gloomy weather that amplifies whatever emotion is dominating our hearts at the moment, whether its happiness, sadness, or the feeling of being in love. That is why when it’s drizzling outside, we tend to sit back, relax, and just appreciate the pleasant coziness of the moment while listening to our favorite songs.

We know you already have your own selection of songs for the cuddle weather, because it’s either you have a playlist for every type of weather or you’re not normal. At any rate, here are our top picks from the freshly released OPM songs we’d love you to add to your rainy day playlist.

Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi- Zephanie


Zephanie may be one of the youngest artists today but she carries that timeless sound of a classic OPM singer. Many fans have described her singing as a hybrid of Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez. More than that, her music is a nod to that of her legendary predecessors; just listen to her recently released Sabihin Mo Na Lang Kasi and it will bring you back to those good, old days when Regine’s rendition of Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka would play on the radio on a stormy Sunday morning.

Umami- Asch, Clara Benin


Umami is a complicated culinary term– too complicated for such a simple taste sensation. It’s basically the fifth basic taste alongside sweet, sour, bitter, and salty; yet, umami is fairly difficult to describe in words. It’s generally characterized by savory, meaty taste and once it hits you, you end up craving for more.

This track is the audial representation of umami, hence the title. It’s got a kick of jazz, lofi, and hip-hop and it gives just the right amount of chill that you can’t get enough of. 

Chaplin- Chill Axe, Donita Ganaden


When you’re watching those Youtube videos showing some aesthetic artwork while lofi, atmospheric music plays in the background, you most probably catch yourself wanting to dissolve into that weirdly peaceful world you’re looking at.

This track by Donita Ganaden is a bountiful source of those warm, chill vibes– the perfect company while you drink a cup of coffee as you stand behind the window, admiring the drizzly streets outside.

Aliw- Mojo Nova


Gloomy weather isn’t all chilling and sipping tea. For our heartbroken friends, it’s also emotionalizing and drinking whiskey. Well, let Mojo Nova do the serenading for you. If you can’t go to the bar looking for some “aliw” because of the pandemic, this band will bring the bar to you. 

lovestruck- Ian Diokno


If you’re quarantined with your significant other, edi sana all! But kidding aside, if you’re the type to cuddle during the cuddle weather and you have someone to do it with, you might wanna play this soulful offering by Ian Diokno during your special moment.

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