Restaurants aren’t just great places to eat, they are also great places to hang out, chill and find new people. That sometimes begins with hanging out at these restaurants alone.  There has been some conversations about whether it makes sense to go about spending money to eat out alone. This article takes a bird’s eye view of all the discussiosn that stand for and against eating out alone in restaurants

  • The dish is never worth the price

For some reason, hotels and restaurants create their dishes as for two people – apart from the snacks and the nibbles, especially the rice and the curry dishes. Earlier, when Chinese food became popular, the dish could even be filling for three people. However, today it is a general hotel idea that a dish should be filling for two people. So, if you are eating out alone, you are going to have a lot of leftovers.

  • You are going to get lousy service

Single customers are good news for hotel staff, but that doesn’t mean that they will fawn over you. Hotel staff is always busy catering to the eight member family and the four friends who just walked in. So, while they will try to serve you at par with the others, ther’s no way they are going to give you precedence the mother who wants milk for her child and the father who wants his child to dig into the pizza now – after they have served them the special sauce.

  • The choicest sitting places will always be taken

For some reason, hotel management makes the best seating places for four or six. So, unless you decide to screw yourself to those seats, or take in those accusing gaze everytime a group walks in, you have no other choice to sit at the corner seats – which sometimes means you don’t even space to keep some extra sauces with your favorite dish.

You don’t have company

Humans are social. So, unless you have someone to share the experience with, it’s never going to be the perfect experience for you. So, that makes the experience a little off the hook already.

There is one option that you can check in, if you are convinced that eating out in a restaurant is expensive. That is hanging out in the malls. Malls have a food eating area, which means more seats and more options for you sit in.

These are the reasons why eating out alone isn’t as lucrative as it sounds. The other aspect of this is that the prices of the food area in a mall are relatively cheaper and you will find more variety.

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