The Most Popular Filipino Movies of 2020

Filipino movies are quality entertainment that’s now getting some global eyeballs. Since years, Pinoy directors and content creators made what they could with the budgets that they had. But with a bold new world, and it becoming simpler to converse across the world, we see several Pinoy movies with awesome budgets – and they rake in a good amount of money at the box office.

Here’s a list of the top Pinoy movies in 2020

A love story in Hong Kong, what more would you want? Well, not much, but the amazing performances by Kathryn Bernando and Alden Richards helped make this movie the highest grossing Pinoy movie of all time. The story is simple. Boy meet girl, but only this time, the boy is kind of a responsibility shirker and the woman is someone who has come up in life the hard way. The movie has made more than P880 million on a worldwide basis.

Looks like horror and fantasy are the favorite genres for the Pinoys. This list could have had a lot more of that – but we decided to make a list that covers all genres. So, Block Z was our pick from all the zombie movies that have broken records at the Pinoy box office. Block Z released in 2020, and it was the perfect escapist movie for people who were in lockdown. What was the movie about? An epidemic that turns people into zombies, and the survivors have to fight it out. So, you have doctors in hospitals fight them, students in colleges fight them off, so on and so forth. Pretty bloody entertainment, but it worked well at the box office. Block Z made P36 million at the box office.

Pinoy entertainment is quite forward thinking. It is a fascinating aspect to even think that there are movies that openly discuss gay love – something that doesn’t happen in the Asian markets. But The Boy Foretold by the Stars not just released, it became a critical and commercial success, winning a handful of awards right off the bat. Soon, there will be a television series that will work as the sequel to this movie. The story is of two boys in an openly gay school who find out their feelings for each other.

What’s the movies without a bit of fantasy. Magikland is the best of both worlds. It’s a movie for kids and its a fantasy movie that has its origins in the concept of gaming. Basically, four children get into the in game world. Yes, the plot’s as old as anything, but there’s a certain charm when your local actors are out in the fictional world, beating up demons and beasts.

Even thought the title seems like the movie is a horror, it’s not. It’s a coming of age, slice of life movie about four boys who spend their summer playing Nintendo games. Of course, the movie isn’t just about boys playing the game  – it has several aspects, including the pains and pangs of growing up in a brave new world.

These are the top Pinoy movies of 2020. Think we missed out on some? Tell us in the comments section. Want in on more awesome lists like this? Make sure you visit us at www.udou.ph.

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