The monsoons are here, and its time for monsoon recipes! So, we will have several weeks and weekends of being at home and enjoying the company of friends and family. Yes, we have had  months and months of doing just that. But this time, you will have great weather, and also the ability to invite friends over at home.  Of course, with great company comes the requirement of great food. With temperatures deeping and things getting colder, it’s time to help yourself to some of the crunchiest dishes that are available.

Here’s a list of some of the best dishes that compliment the monsoon season:

  • Onion Fritters

Onion fritters are prepared differently in different countries. But the general mode of preparation is the same. First, cut and dice onions and dry them. Then, add red chili powder, salt and turmeric to the mix. Take this and dunk it in dough, adding small amounts of water until the dough stiffens.  Post that, deep fry them in oil. This is one of the most popular dishes among Asians during the monsoon season.

  • Potato Fritters

Everybody loves potatoes because there’s a wide variety of recipes that that the potato gives itself to. You can make potato chips and potato fritters as well. To make potato fritters, you will first need to boil potatoes with a pinch fo salt. Then, after peeling them, mash and add the various spices, like chili powder, turmeric, salt, coriander and cumin seeds. Then, dunk this mix in a mix of all purpose dough. Your potato fritters are ready!

  •  Potato Chips

And if you want to check out something else, take a look at the potato chips. The preparation, again, is simple. Make long dices of potatoes and store it for a while in a mix of salt, corn starch and rice dough. Keep the mix for about fifteen minutes in a refrigerator. Then, you deep fry them in oil. the corn starch and rice dough will give it a crunchier taste.

  • Eggs and Potato in Pepper

Eggs are the greatest friends of the monsoon seasons, after onions. The preparation of this is pretty simple. First, you take some potatoes and dice them. Start frying them in oil and add turmeric, salt and red chili powder. Once you see that the potatoes have fried,  crack a couple of eggs in the mix. Make sure that you do not break the eggs into very small pieces. Finally, at the end of it all, add black pepper to the mix for a unique and – well – peppery taste. This is one of the classic monsoon recipes.

  • Any Fried Pulses

There are several pulses that you can fry, and then mix with onion, tomatoes and add various spices like salt and chili. Again, to add to the taste, you can mix some black pepper to the recipe. Before you fry the pulses, you will need to boil them, so that they lose their hardness and mix well with the spices.

These are the best dishes for those looking to mix some recipes during the monsoon. Think we missed out on any? Tell us in the comments section. Think you have some? Tell us in the comments section.  Want in on more recipes like this? Make sure you connect with us at