If you thought Moira’s ultimate closure song ‘Paubaya’ is heartbreaking enough, wait ’til you see its newly arrived official music video, starring Joshua Garcia and Julia Barreto.

On Valentine’s Day, Moira Dela Torre finally dropped the visual accompaniment for her hit single ‘Paubaya,’ which released last year. The video features ex-couple Joshua Garcia and Julia Barreto, famously dubbed as JoshLia, as they take the role of a couple about to be wed. It’s a patchwork of flashback footage and present moments, showing the happy memories the two have shared together and the reality they’re facing today.

As revealed later in the video, the story is that the bride, portrayed by Julia Barreto, walks out just after her groom, Garcia, happily gives his “I do” at the altar. When she returns to the church later that day, everyone has left except a devastated Garcia. An emotional exchange between them ensues, with Barreto apologizing to Garcia for running away when she couldn’t find the man she loved in him. Garcia, on the other hand, says sorry for not being with her when she needed him the most. The conversation ends with the two lovers thanking each other for the memories they had built together, and finally forgiving one another.

For many fans of JoshLia, the dialogue– which Garcia and Barreto also co-wrote– draws from real emotions. Thus, their exchange of lines in the video serves as some kind of closure– a painful but necessary conclusion to their widely known relationship that was confirmed to have ended in 2019.

After all, ‘Paubaya’ is a song about acceptance and letting go– a message that implies the end of a chapter of someone’s love story. It tugs at your heartstrings, yes, because endings are generally supposed to be painful if not bittersweet (and it’s a Moira song, come on!). But at the same time, it also puts someone’s weary heart at peace, finally, after going through so much pain.

People have asked: why drop such a sentimental material on Valentine’s Day? Well, we can only thank Moira, Joshua, and Julia for giving us the reminder that the so-called Day of Love is not all roses and chocolates and romance; it’s also for people who are still broken and on the path of healing. May Joshua, Julia, and anybody who’s reading this find the love that they deserve, whether it be from someone or from themselves.


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