Not all lovers get to have a happy ending in their story. And if you are one of those who have had to endure feelings of guilt, regret, and denial after a terrible breakup, you might have also found yourself grappling with so many questions– uncertainties that often begin with the words what if, why, and how.

In her latest track released via Viva Records, Janine Teñoso shows us why separations are almost never easy. Titled ‘Paano’, the song was written on behalf of all the broken lovers who can’t get past the grueling first stage of post-breakup grief, which is being desperate for answers.

In the chorus, Janine Teñoso sings, “Paano na ang lahat? / Paano ang nakaraan? / Paano tatapusin ang nasimulan ngayon at wala ka na?” Remorseful and brimming with doubts, ‘Paano’ tells the story of someone who just can’t seem to let go of the past, and Teñoso manages to narrate it while showcasing her singing prowess.

Listen to the track below!


Janine Teñoso first made waves with her covers of OPM hits for various movies: ‘Di Na Muli’ for Sid and Aya; “241” for 100 Tula Para Kay Stella; “Ulan” for the Nadine Lustre film Ulan; and “Tag-araw” for the MMFF box-office hit Miracle In Cell No. 7. Soon, the young artist got to launch her own originals that showcase not only her exceptional singing but also her superb songwriting. Her tracks include “Umibig Muli,” her viral collaboration song with The Juans titled “BTNS,” and now, “Paano.”

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