O/C Records is proud to introduce another freshly found gem from the local busking scene.

Real talent has manifested again in the form of Sabrina Manansala– a singer, songwriter, busker, and a spoken word poetry artist. On October 22, O/C Records did us the favor of shedding light upon this versatile artist, officially naming her as part of the record label’s growing family as they released her debut single ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna.’

A singer-songwriter, spoken word poet, busker, and an Odd Creature, Sabrina Manansala is a new artist under O/C Records.
A singer-songwriter, spoken word poet, busker, and an Odd Creature,
Sabrina Manansala is a new artist under O/C Records.

Music and spoken word poetry in one

Songwriting and spoken word poetry are two different dimensions when it comes to artistic expression. Combine them into one, and you have a masterful vessel of the artist’s innermost thoughts and emotions. This is the route that Sabrina Manansala has taken for ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna,’ merging her songwriting ability and knack for poetry recital into one track.

The song opens to the calming sound of plucked guitar and Sabrina’s mellow, soulful voice as she whispers a short reminder about carrying on in life. From this point, the artist starts to sing– setting in motion an honest and poignant story about chasing the unchasable. It’s a full, 6-minutes-and-30-second roller-coaster musical ride, occasionally taking you in high, intense moments only to pull you back down again as if letting the listeners breathe.

The bridge of the song is where the spoken word resumes– an angsty, commanding piece about confusion, regrets, longing, and unkept promises. It’s an entirely different moment with its own momentum and climax that dissolves into another softly sung introspection. It is followed by Sabrina’s reiteration of the line ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna’ which goes on for a minute– a reflection of her desperate attempt to convince herself to quit the battle now and let her heart rest.

The song ends with another spoken message. While it doesn’t suggest a happy ending, Sabrina expresses it in such a way you’ll believe she has found a sanctuary in knowing that time heals everything.

‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna’ was composed, sung, and performed by Sabrina Manansala with the help of her fellow busker Martin Riggs who played the guitar. The song production happened in O/C Records’ studio, with Kean Cipriano (the CEO) and Kenneth Reodica assisting with the mixing and mastering.

A harsh but important reminder to take a breather when you feel exhausted, ‘Hanggang Dito Na Lang Muna‘ is out now on all digital streaming platforms. Give it a listen below!


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