On Wednesdays, we wear pink. But Wednesdays also wear us out.

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There’s a relief in knowing you’re halfway through another hell week, but there’s also the sick feeling in knowing you have to get through two more hell days until the heavenly weekend.

Two more days of grinding.

Two more days of pretending to be a functional member of the human race that cares about fame and social classes.

Two more days to drag yourself into the outside world that’s full of germs and people who buy two boxes of alcohol thinking it’s gonna save them from the threats of nCOV19.

But anyway, we are not here to salt wounds. For those of you who already feel drained as early as today, UdoU has got your back! We’ve picked a fresh assortment of original Pinoy songs to give you your much-needed source of #MidweekMotivation!

Hey Girl by Dancer


Let go of everything for now and treat yourself to the groovy, dancy feel of Dancer’s Hey Girl. This old-school, indie rock is gonna make your heart beat and your eyes glow.

The Perfect Life by Sondmire


Get lost in a lovely, ethereal paradise with Sondmire’s electronic indie-pop track. As you could hear in the lyrics, this song is surely gonna take you higher up in the air!

SUMMER TIME by alpha yang


With the series of tragic events that have pretty much ruined our 2020, we seem to forget that it’s summer already. You may want to retreat for a while with alpha yang’s dreamy, indie-rock-influenced track. In as short as 2:06, alpha yang brings us to that romantic summer setting your heart has been yearning for.

City of Vulnerability by Gracenote


Chill out and get those headphones on. Close your eyes, let your soul leave the city and get lost in the warmth of Gracenote’s City of Vulnerability.

How’s your Wednesday so far?

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