Excited to see the Korean version of Jiang Chen and Chen Xiao xi?

According to SPOTV News, The mega-hit Chinese drama ‘A Love so Beautiful‘ is reportedly getting a Korean remake under Kakao M. The youth romance drama was broadcast in 2017 at Tencent Video and received much love from the Chinese audience. The drama then gathered a huge following in Korea after it premiered on the streaming site, Netflix.

The story revolves around Chen Xiao Xi, an optimistic girl who pins after her neighbor of 19 years and school genius Jiang Chen. It’s a light drama that portrays the fun memories of high school, finding true friends, and chasing after love.

The Korean version will be produced in short 20-minute episodes. The production is well underway but the cast and the release date are yet to be decided. Offers to play as leads were given to X1’s Kim Yohan and rookie actress So Juyeon. Their respective agencies say they’re both reviewing the casting positively.

Kim Yohan was supposed to play a lead role in ‘School 2020’ but the drama was canceled.

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So Juyeon is known for her latest role as Yoon Ah Reum in ‘Dr. Romantic 2.’

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Who do you think should play as leads?

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