Music plays a major role in a wedding ceremony and reception.

Whether you and your significant other are aiming for a sleek, modern wedding or a whimsical Bohemian one, one thing is for sure: you need to choose the best and most romantic songs to play. And if you’re already in this stage of wedding planning– namely the creation of your wedding setlist– this list will give you what you need, from but oldies-but-goodies to songs made by the biggest artists today.

A Thousand Years


A no-brainer. Ever since it made hearts weep for the first time when it was launched as the original soundtrack of Twilight saga, this love anthem by Christina Perri became the go-to song for countless wedding ceremonies.



Perfect is your walk down the aisle when the air is filled with Ed Sheeran’s sweet, soulful voice as he sings one of his greatest and most romantic hits ever. If you didn’t know, the English singer-songwriter actually wrote this song for his wife Cherry Seahorn, so it’s like it was made to accompany lovers in any romantic affairs, especially weddings.

When I Look At You


TikTok is known for popularizing old smash hits once again. Thanks to the video-sharing app, we are reminded that another perfect wedding song exists in the form of Miley Cyrus’ lovey-dovey ballad about the magical feeling you feel when you look at the person you love.

I’m Yours


I’m Yours is a timeless classic about surrendering yourself to someone or something you love– a message that perfectly encapsulates the essence of taking a wedding vow. Coupled with its feel-good sound and Jason Mraz’s lovely crooning, this song is a surefire way to turn up the beauty of the moment.



We’ve all been witnesses to this heartwarming scene when the bride or the groom is struggling to speak at the altar, awash with joy and amazement as they stand facing their other half. This offering by Dan + Shay is exactly for moments like this, when one is too overwhelmed by love to express their feelings through words.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You


Wedding ceremonies aren’t all tears and drama. They’re also having fun and singing and dancing. Fil-am Youtube sensation Joseph Vincent was able to put an alluring spin to this 1960s smash hit and made it a perfect sing-along track. If you’re looking for a song that will get your crowd swaying together, then this should be included in your list.

You’re Still The One


This song is basically a big declaration of a person’s commitment to their other half. It’s about staying by each other’s side through ups and downs, and the celebration of knowing you continue to make it through life together. Definitely a must-have in your wedding setlist!

Can’t Help Falling In Love


We’ve listened to numerous renditions of this track originally performed by the late Elvis Presley. But many would agree that Haley Reinhart’s take on this classic is one, if not the best, of the best versions as it made us feel the love and romance within its lyrics in ways no other artist has done before. It’ll surely make some of your wedding guests shed a tear.

Two Less Lonely People in the World


Whether you need a soundtrack for your ceremony or you just want to amplify the romantic feels floating around the reception, this masterpiece by Air Supply has got your back! 

Love Someone


For a song to become a perfect wedding song, it has to capture the love, happiness, and excitement not just of the ones taking their vows, but of everyone at the wedding. This song by Lukas Graham has it all!

Any other wedding song you would like to recommend?

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