The perfect song for roadtrips.

Bet that everyone’s waiting for lifting of the lockdown all over the world! While hoping for the best, let’s go on our imaginary trips as we listen to Bird‘s new track released under O/C Records.

Starting of with dreamy beats that can really boost your mood, this track is a laidback depiction of an anticipated adventure that only settled on our heads. If you haven’t give a listen yet, check it out below!

 To tell you, the four-pieced band are slowly becoming stapled from live gigs in the Metro. In case you don’t know yet, they have also performed live at the last UP Fair Hiwaga who made their audiences went up to the stage to party together with them. And finally, Bird officially release this dreamy-chill track that evokes a feeling of laying on a rack at a beach or that fleeting moment of looking outside the window of you car.

If you’re looking forward for more of their reeases, you can follow them on their social media accounts! Let’s continue supporting this great up-and-coming OPM artists! Share ‘Ride’ to everyone and go to an adventure to ride out the waves in your head!

Don’t forget to stream it also on Spotify!


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