PENTAGON who has been acknowledged for their ‘youthful and energetic, must-listen songs’ such as ‘Shine’, ‘Naughty boy’, ‘Spring Snow’ and ‘Daisy’ has returned after nearly 5 months, with their 11th Mini Album [LOVE or TAKE] full of colors of spring.

PENTAGON’s 11th Mini Album [LOVE or TAKE] contains 7 tracks that portray their cool and confident way of showing love under the main theme of either you ‘fall in love’ or ‘win the heart’. The tracks depict changes in emotional status at different stages of love in a unique and playful way, with the use of elements from romantic comic illustrations. Specifically adding maturity on top of PENTAGON’s signature style of being energetic and youthful, these tracks will convey an even sweeter, even more earnest love story.

The ‘love’ depicted in the album [LOVE or TAKE] encompasses a greater meaning than the basic perception of love that anyone could think of. To be specific, it talks about love towards a wider range of people, ‘me’, ‘you’, and ‘us’. The album gives a higher satisfaction to listeners with a theme anyone can easily relate to and diverse tracks that unfold autobiographical stories of PENTAGON.

The title track ‘DO or NOT’ is a pop-rock track that shows PENTAGON’s own unique musical and narrative style at its best, where 8 members become main characters of a romantic comic. The lyrics like ‘Say you like it or not’, ‘Just make up your mind now DO or NOT’, dramatically illustrate one’s cautious inner side and genuine feelings of being desperate while waiting for the other person’s answer, but at the same time looking witty and nonchalant.

PENTAGON Drops 11th Mini Album 'LOVE OR TAKE'

8 distinct and unique characters are presented as main characters who just jumped out from a cartoon as an attempt at a visual transformation. Also, through performances with musical theater elements, they will showcase dynamic and energetic stages. From these stages, they wish to deliver feel-good flutter as if you’ve been proposed by 8 main characters with a beautiful serenade.

PENTAGON’s 11th Mini Album [LOVE or TAKE] is a journey to find the real meaning of love and the main characters of their love story. On the verge of given choices, may the ‘paths of love’ shown by PENTAGON unfold in front of you like the spring through [LOVE or TAKE].

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