And when we say rookie, we’re talking about teens and tweens who have begun their musical journey at such a young age. Don’t believe us? Read on and be amazed!

As part of Payong Musikero, a community of aspiring and established musicians, Singer-songwriter Acel Bisa -van Ommen launched an online songwriting workshop called ‘Titik at Tono.’ One of the tasks for each workshop finisher was to record their own song that was to be showcased during the online recital. The participants had the option to either produce the song all by themselves or seek help from a professional producer so they could experience the whole process of making a song.

Much to their surprise, the works played during the recital turned out to be great. Acel, the workshop leader who could not contain her excitement during the online recital, shared, “Their works are all amazing! I am not exaggerating! I don’t think I could have written a song like that when I was 11 years old. I was surprised with the melodies they came up with! This just shows that age is just a number and you’re never too young or never too old to learn and develop new skills.”

The excellent result of the workshop prompted Acel to compile Batch 2’s works into an album, to be launched under her own indie- recording label, Tenzi Records.

Slice of Sky features songs about a variety of subjects like the pandemic, hope, faith, healing, waiting, and acceptance. It’s a compilation of works from a multi-generation set of musicians, some of whom are as young as 1 to 14 years old.

The first track, “The End” by Ligaya Escueta, has an edgy indie-pop sound and it explores all the fun things she’d like to do in case our world is possibly coming to an end. Likewise, Dance All Night by Janna Mishka, dishes out loads of positive vibes encouraging everyone that it’s gonna be alright. These two songs were sound produced by Ciudad’s Mikey Amistoso who was definitely able to bring out the best in these songs and young musicians.

Followed by songs that speak of faith, hope, and courage – 12-year-old Andi Moran’s “I Believe in You“, “Hope” by 11 year-old Mavene Gutierrez, and “I Will Stand Up” by another 11-year-old Ira Ting that empowers you to speak up. These songs were produced by Charles Bautista and Jeremiah de Leon.

Other participants of this project produced their own music — Zion M. shared his song, “Waiting“, Shekinah Shalom gives us that OPM pop-rock vibe with her song, “Paghilom“, and the last track takes our hearts to rest with the soothing pop ballad song, “Back Home” written by Sheggz Nepomuceno.

Overall, Slice of Sky is symbolic of how bright the future is for our next generation of songwriters. Watch our for the album as it drops on January 15 on all digital platforms.

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