Idk if I should cry tears of joy or sadness.

‘Say, say that you love me today. Don’t tell me goodbye (won’t you say)… I give all my love to you ‘ Park Bo-gum sings these very lines to fans inducing a plethora of emotions ranging from joy to kilig to sadness and then again to kilig and joy.

The singer/actor released the new song on August 9, with swoon-worthy lyrics that he claims is a love letter to fans.


What starts off as a lullaby that will inevitably lull you into a blissful sleep will take you to wonderful heights of love and romance, giving this song the dynamism of a versatile hit track! Not that it wasn’t expected since this single is produced by none other than one of Korea’s multi-awarded singer/songwriters, Sam Kim.

This song boasts of versatility not only in its melodies but also in its lyrics, making this song available to listen to in English or in Korean.

Unlike most Korean versions as well, since it was written by Sam Kim, a Korean-American, the English is not just literally translated but had the precise meaning carried over both languages like it was made to be written for not just one.

This drop is just the actor’s second single since his debut two years ago and it’s amazing to see his growth through the years in both the fields of acting and singing.

Nearing Enlistment

Not only is it a love letter to fans, but something to hold onto as a kind of ‘farewell for now’ with his official military enlistment set to start on August 31. Although his enlistment doesn’t quite mean we’ll see less of our Oppa what with his upcoming series ‘Record of Youth’ just set for release this September!

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